LUC: Glow

A music video for LUC’s new single Glow.

Client: LUC

Produced by: Dress Code (

Executive Creative Director: Dan Covert
Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein
Head of Production: Tara Rose Stromberg

Director: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Design: Elena Chudoba, Vincenzo Lodigiani
Animation: Erika Bernetich, Elaine Lee, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Rasmus Löwenbrååt

Europe In 8 Bits – Opening Titles

“Opening titles for Europe In 8 Bits documentary.
Direction, Design, Animation & Music: Device
EUROPE IN 8 BITS is a documentary directed by Javier Polo that explores the world of chip music, a new musical trend that is growing exponentially throughout Europe. The stars of this musical movement reveal to us how to reuse old videogames hardware like Nintendo’s GameBoy, NES, Atari ST, Amiga and the Commodore 64 to turn them into a tool capable of creating a new sound, a modern tempo and an innovative musical style. This is a new way of interpreting music performed by a great many artists who show their skills in turning these “limited” machines designed for leisure in the 80’s into surprising musical instruments and graphical tools. It will leave nobody indifferent.
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the Wikidrummer

no artificial reverb added
performed by Julien Audigier on Natal drums
directed, edited and mixed by Vincent Rouffiac
produced by Gérald Massoubre
mastered by Lad Agabekov
Matthieu Lechartier
Hubert Montoya
Pierre Schmitt
thanks to:
la famille Gauthier
Franck Lescouet
Paul Marshall
Craig Glover
le drumming Lab
la famille Lalite
Florent Acker

SAVAGES – Marshal Dear

Music video for ‘Marshal Dear’ by Savages.
Savages –
Song title: ‘Marshal Dear’
Designed and Animated by Gergely Wootsch
Additional Animation by Rosanna Wan –
Produced by Beakus –
As imagined by Gemma Thompson and Gergely Wootsch.
Copyright © 2013
Matador Records / Pop Noire

Keaton Henson – Small Hands

Director: Joseph Mann
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Produced by: Joseph Mann, Tamsin Glasson, James Bretton
Written by: Joseph Mann
Director of Photography: Matthew Day
Puppets by: Jonny Sabbagh
Character Design: Jonny Sabbagh & Keaton Henson
Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper
Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear & Max Halstead
Gaffer: Max Halstead
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Day
Studio: Clapham Road Studios
Set Design: Joseph Mann
Art Department: Joely Brammer, Rose Popham, Emma Denby, Daisy Roth, Emily Barret, Morgan Faverty, Lauren Brown, Aodhagan O’Riordan, Lydia CS, Frank Burgess
Editor: Simone Ghilardotti
Post Production: Simone Ghilardotti & Josh Hine
Grade: Steve Gatti at Moving Picture Company

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