The Dream of Ink: UNHIDE Conference

“The Dream of Ink” is the official opening video of UNHIDE Conference, the first event focused on Digital Art in Brazil.

Production: Lightfarm Studios
Director/producer/VFX artist: Rafael Vallaperde
Original idea: Milton Menezes
Concept, Storyboard, Layout, animator and CGI generalist: Kawe de Sá
Animation: Viviane Rodrigues, Kawe de Sá
Concept art: Diego Barcelos, Giselle Almeida
Modeling: Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato
CGI Generalist: Rafael Moco, Marcelo Cabral, Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato, Rafael Vallaperde
Shading and Rendering: Diego Maricato, Thiago de Sul, Marcelo Cabral
VFX: Thiago Paladino, Rafael Moco, José Mauro Lobão, Rafael Vallaperde, Kawe de Sá, Johnny Farmfield, Mesrop Hovhannisyan aka MES
Rigging: Apolo Osornio, Danilo Pinheiro, Gabriel Valderramos, Glauber Belo, Isaac Buzzola, Matheus Alexandre


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