Looping promo for the Impactist album HEY PIG.
Available on Apple Music + iTunes: smarturl.it/HEYPIG
Google Play: smarturl.it/HEYPIG_gplay
Amazon: amzn.com/B08D899BC6
Spotify: smarturl.it/HEYPIG_spot

More info: blog.impactist.com/impactist-hey-pig/

Audio Track: “Two for One Burger Bun” by Impactist

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Nike Mercurial & Phantom Series Victory Pack

Client: Nike Inc. Global Football

Production: Aixsponza
Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer, Thorsten Timm
3D: Dobromir Dynakov, Lukas Eberle, Hannes Gerl, Jens Kindler, Lars Korb, Bobby M., Adam Priester, Bettina Vöröss, Nick Zieroff

Music/sound design: Michael Fakesch, designingsounds


Criminal Minds – AXN

Realização: Pablo Alfieri (+)

“AXN LatinAmerica called us to do the Promo of one of its primetime shows “Criminal Minds”, which main characters are a team of profilers from de FBI that search into the criminal minds to predicts their next move.
When we first read the script from our friends from Sony, we realized it was quite a challenge! The idea was to build the body of one of the criminal minds with types and phrases simultaneously with the audio. Phrases that would cause most of the psychological traumas.
Bring the script to life we proposed to tattoo the typographic phrases on a person skin and we walked into the challenge of create a tie between the ANALOGOUS and the DIGITAL.
On one hand we hand painted the phrases with brushes to give them more expressiveness and realism. On the other hand we modeled the human been in 3D and we mapped the phases on him, specially on his face. Taking as reference a great audio work, that’d define the timing to develop and animate the phrases, and with a delicate edition work that intensify the chaotic rhythm by the end of the piece we manage to transmit part of the “Criminal Minds” chaos, full of interruptions and torments thoughts, full of internal voices that push him to commit the crimes.”

More info and Backstage at plenty.tv

Ficha Técnica:

Directed by: Plenty
Art Director: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Typography Treatment & Graphic Design: Elda Broglio & Pablo Alfieri
Compositing & Postproduction: Sebastian Curi, Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri
3D Modeling & textures: Daniel Bel & Juan Martin Miyagi
3D Rendering & Lighting: Daniel Bel
3D Animation: Daniel Bel
2D Animation: Mariano Farias
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011

Client: Sony Pictures Television Latin America
Production Manager / Art Director AXN Latin America: Sergio Moreno
Creative Producer: Marisabel Torres
Audio: Marisabel Torres / Valentina Durán

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