2014 Oscars Graphics Montage by Mill+

Mill+ designed the 2014 Academy Awards Show Package for both The Oscars’ broadcast and live theatrical experience, and the Nominations Package and In Memoriam sequence.
See more of our work on the Show Package: tmbg.co/qyv70 Nominations Package: tmbg.co/2534q In Memoriams: tmbg.co/9wfs8
And find more info and artists credits at Mill+ bit.ly/MillOscars

DRACULA Titles Comic-Con version

The original sequence for NBC’s Dracula premiering at the San Diego International Comic-Con 2013.
Initially only Jonathan Rhys Meyers was shot for the titles, being the ultimate puppetmaster.
Production and music: Momoco
Designer, Director: Nic Benns
Animators: Nic Benns, Jim Fisher, James Doherty, Richard Payne
Logo Design & Animation: Andrew Popplestone
Typography: Miki Kato
Producer: Tom Bromwich
Music: Nic Benns
Client: Carnival Films / NBC


The BBC wanted a colourful, fun action sequence introducing the cast…. and here it is.

Shooting the actors especially for the titles (except Maimie, who had to be roto’d), its a swashbucklin series of vignettes!
Design: Nic Benns
Direction: Nic Benns, Colin Wratten
Animation: Jim Fisher
Producer: Tom Bromwich
TV Producer: Colin Wratten
Client: BBC America

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