Dark Room

Directed | Designed | Animated by Pedro Allevato

Sound Designed by Bruno Allevato
Read by James McConnell
Additional Animation by Peter Lowey & Rui Almeida
Produced by Andrew Fleming and Pedro Allevato

Michaela Tereshkova’s extremely obscure Discovery

Director/producer: YK Animation Studio
Coproducer: University of Bern, Kino REX Bern
Design: Kerstin Zemp
Animation: Kerstin Zemp, Fela Bellotto, Martine Ulmer
Compositing: Lukas Pulver, Joder von Rotz
Music: Lukas Pulver
Sound Design: Joder von Rotz
Sound Mix: Noisy Neighbours – Etienne Kompis

“The Unconquered: Trying Times” Historical Short Film

Client: Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (National Remembrance Institute)

Script: Krzysztof Noworyta @ Tengent, Rafał Pękała @ IPN
Director: Juice
Creative Producers: Krzysztof Noworyta, Marcin Kobylecki
Executive Producer: Jurand Szela/ Juice

Music Composer and VO recording: Tommy Zee / Hologram
VO: Peter Jaycock, Mirosław Zbrojewicz

History consultants: Tomasz Sikorski IPN, Marcin Gawryszczak, Tomasz Ginter IPN
Creative consultant: Tobiasz Piątkowski
VO Narrative: Krzysztof Noworyta, Rafał Pękała, Aleksandra Musiłowicz
VO text editor: Dominika Stanios


Direction/design/animation: YETI Pictures
Simulations: YETI Pictures
Houdini simulations: Agustin Schilling
Music/sound design: Ted Regklis

Software: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, XParticles, Realflow, TFD

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