Blobba blob blob

Realização: Neil Sanders (bio. “I’m an illustrator, designer, lecturer and animator from Melbourne Australia, here to show off my work, meet other creative folk, be inspired and hopefully get some cheap laughs.”)

A loop made for July’s MONSTERS themed LoopdeLoop animation challenge.
Audio: ‘Creating Oriental Atmosphere’ by Hill and Wynn Smith.


Loopdeloop – Opposites

“So I was asked by the super-talented Neil Sanders ( to submit a clip for Loopdeloop, a monthly showcase/friendly competition involving themed loops. I was supposed to do one for the first month, but I was moving. Then I did one for the second month, but life and work got in the way again and I finished it a day late. So I guess I’ll just put it here then.

My loop for the theme “Opposites” – Day and Night. Small and simple but fun to do. I definitely will be doing more in the coming months. Everyone should.”

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