canal Q – rebranding

Art Direction – Silvio Teixeira
Music – Moullinex
Graphic Design – Homembala, Nuno Alves, Silvio Teixeira
Motion Graphics – Homembala
Type Design – Nuno Alves
Production – canal Q
Acknowledgments – Fab Lab Lisboa, Joana Clara Gomes, Carolina Silva
Director – Silvio Teixeira
Director of Photography – Mario Soares
Camera – César Passinhas
Production – Soraia Ferreira
Intern – Tiago Lemos
Hair and Make Up – Silvia Aniceto, Carina Sequeira
Sound Editing – Tiago Raposinho
Special Guests Appearance – José Maria Júdice, Custódia Galego, Manuel João Vieira, Master Pooper (The Rabbit)

Maxon Rebranding

For the release of Cinema R13 Maxon wanted to refresh their brand and asked us to create a brand new logo for them. Keeping the old one in mind to not scare away long time customers we went through a long, untamed and creative process. And in the end it was there right in front of us – the new logo for our most favourite software package.
Title: Cinema 4D Logo Redesign
Client: Maxon Designstudio: Aixsponza GmbH
Lead Designer: Manuel Casasola Merkle & Ingo Walde Designer: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Patrick Schade, Elisa Krenz
Sounddesign: Lars Fischer

Double G Studios: Rebranding

“Double G Studios won a completive pitch with our friends over at Devilfish to rebrand French film giant Studiocanal. The idea was to showcase STUDIOCANAL’s huge back catalogue in an abstract and cinematic way. We projected their films onto a bespoke glass structure and shot the result on 35mm. We also used a selection of modern and classic lenses to captured the essence and beauty of cinema. The soundtrack was composed by film heavy weight Alexandre Desplat and was recorded in Paris with a 60 piece orchestra. This will first be shown in-front of Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”

Ficha técnica:

Agency: Devilfish
Dop: Haris Zambarloukos
Post: Prime Focus
Music: Alexandre Desplat

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