Client: VIVO | China
CGI Production: Yambo Studio
Director: Yambo
Creative Direction: Jonathan Lindgren, Mariusz Becker, Yambo
Lead 3D: Jonathan Lindgren
Shading: Mariusz Becker, Yambo, Rich Nosworthy
Additional 3D: Jeff Briant, Ruye, Rich Nosworthy
Phone Modelling: Nick Zieroff, Chris Schofield
Compositing & Colours: Bold Studio
Typography Animation & Design: Bold Studio
Music & Sound Design: Luke Brown
Mixing & Mastering: Luke Brown
Special Thanks: Tal Baltuch
Agency: Visual Signal Tao (Beijing)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 | Director’s cut

Client: XIAOMI | China
CGI Production: Yambo Studio
Directors: Yambo, Tal Baltuch
Creative Direction: Yambo, Tal Baltuch, Mariusz Becker
Lead 3D: Jonathan Lindgren
3D Animation: Jonathan Lindgren, Scott Geersen, Yambo
Additional Animation: Jeff Briant, Drew Nelson
Shading: Mariusz Becker, Yambo
Landscapes: Scott Geersen, Ezequiel Grand
Simulations: Yaniv Goralli, Ezequiel Grand
Phone Modeling: Chris Schofield, Nick Zieroff
Compositing & Colors: Tal Baltuch
Typography Design & Animation: Tal Baltuch
Music & Sound Design: Luke Brown
Mixing & Mastering: Liam Iliffe & Luke Brown

Agency: Somei Design
Coordinator: Somei Sun
Producer: Katie Chen

ART & GRAFT: Spectrum

Realização: Art & Graft (+)

“We were approached by Spectrum, a leading provider of autism services based in Cornwall, to produce a film that would allow people to learn more about the charity and how they treat autism and its associated behavioral disorders.

Told through the eyes of a service user the story follows the history of Spectrum, explains their progressive approach to caring for autism and outlines the charity’s ambitions for the future.

The film is part of our complete visual rebrand of Spectrum, including printed material, signage and digital presence.”

Ficha técnica:
Written, Produced, Directed & Designed: Art & Graft
Voice-Over: Flora Montgomery
Music & Sound Design: Zelig Sound
Client: Spectrum

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