Looping promo for the Impactist album HEY PIG.
Available on Apple Music + iTunes: smarturl.it/HEYPIG
Google Play: smarturl.it/HEYPIG_gplay
Amazon: amzn.com/B08D899BC6
Spotify: smarturl.it/HEYPIG_spot

More info: blog.impactist.com/impactist-hey-pig/

Audio Track: “Two for One Burger Bun” by Impactist

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Ron Artis II – In My Heart

Artist: Ron Artis II

Production: Flooul Animation
Writer: Ron Artis and Pedro Conti
Director/producer: Pedro Conti, Fernando Peque
Editor: Pedro Conti
Production Designer: Fernando Peque, Pedro Conti
Art: Fernando Peque
CG supervisor: Pedro Conti
Animation Supervisor: Marcio Nicolosi
StoryBoard: Fernando Peque, Pedro Conti, Antonio Soares Neto
Layout: Paulo Sampaio, Pedro Conti
Character modeling: Pedro Conti
Enviroment Modeling: Pedro Conti, Paulo Sampaio, Vitor Maccari, Gustavo Ribeiro, Fabricio Duque
2D Effects: Julia Simas, Fernando Peque
Effects: Pedro Conti
Pipeline: Pedro Conti, Delcio Gomes
Rigging: Leonardo Cadaval
Animation: Marcio Nicolosi, Yuri Lementy, Sté Kajimoto, Daniel Bahia, Jerome Saravas, Michael Maron, Pedro Conti and Vitor Maccari
Texturing/shading: Pedro Conti, Paulo Sampaio, Vitor Maccari
R&D: Pedro Conti, Paulo Sampaio, Lamek Felix
Lighting: Pedro Conti, Paulo Sampaio
Rendering, comp and color grading: Pedro Conti

Recorded by Cameron Webb, Raymond Richards
Mix: Camaron Webb
Sound Design: Punch Audio

Ed Sheeran “Cross Me” (feat. Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock)

Label: Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Dan Curwin

Production: Riff Raff Films
Director: Ryan Staake
Executive Producer: Natalie Arnett
Producer: Tom Knight
Production NYC: Pomp&Clout
P&C EP: Ryen Bartlett
P&C HOP: Kevin Staake
Line Producer: Andrew Chennisi
DOP: Kristian Zuniga
Choreographer: Erin Murray
Starring: Courtney Scarr

Lil Dicky “Earth” Music Video by 3dar and Ryot

Co-Producers: RYOT, 3dar
Animation: 3dar
Director: Nigel Tierney, Federico Heller
Producer: Zeda Stone, Michael Broccolo, Nigel Tierney, German Heller
Executive Producers: Mike Hertz, Scooter Braun, Zeda Stone, Nigel Tierney
Head of Story: Steven Gordon
Art Direction: Ricky Baba, Patrick Moss
Production Supervisor: Crystal Tierney
Animation Producer: German Heller
Head of Production: Matías Bossié
Art Director: Federico Carlini
CG Producer: Santiago Tereso
Animation Producers: Marco Lococo, Julian Dorado
Head of CG: Alejandro Turano

The Chemical Brothers “Got To Keep On”

Client: Virgin EMI
Commissioner: Ailsa Robertson

Production: Partizan
Directors: Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry
Executive Producer UK: Claire Stubbs
Executive Producer US: Whitney Jackson
Producer: Raffi Adlan
DoP: Shawn Kim
Post Production: Olivier Gondry
Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell
Wardrobe Stylist: Karen Baird
Dancers: Darrell “Dreal” Armstead, Isaiah Baluyot, Linda Davis, Kofro, Jaira Miller, Gary “No Noize” Morgan, Ruby Pappan, Brittany Parks, Sarah Polednak, JJ Rabone, Leon “Mann” Williams, Nick Wilson

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