Motion 2018 Main-On-End

“In-camera effects, projected animations, and high-end cinematography tell a story about the origins of motion graphics. Created for the Motion 2018 un-conference’s final event –– the end of an era in mograph history.”



Animation: Nicolo Bianchino

Music: Ambros Yu

How Do We Study Living Brains?

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TED-Ed commissioned me to create an animated film on techniques of neuroimaging; a lesson taught by neurologists Elizabeth Waters and John Borghi. So, how do we see what’s happening in the brain? Let’s find out.

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Saatchi & Saatchi IS Ident Design Department

Creative directors: Michał Pawłowski, Marta Frączek
Design director: Rafał Nagiecki
Art directors: Anna Caban – Szypenbeil, Bartosz Morawski, Kamil Bugno
Copywriter: Marta Frączek
Producers: Marta Gierej, Eliza Kurek

Executive Creative Director: Bartek Macias
Design&Direction: Łukasz Kondek
Concept & Creative direction: Łukasz Kondek, Piotr Rudkowski
Lead 3D Artist: Łukasz Kondek
3D Artist: Piotr Rudkowski
3D Support: Franciszek Nykowski
Compositing: Piotr Rudkowski
Music & Sound design: Michał Gorczyca
Producers: Anna Kalinowska, Magdalena Miszczak


Tilal Al Ghaf

Art&Graft present an ambitious new film for Tilal Al Ghaf; a contemporary community-driven neighbourhood that redefines property development and demonstrates the cultural vibrancy and diversity of Dubai.

Designed, Directed & Produced — Art&Graft
Music & SFX — Brains & Hunch

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Malaki — Dokha


— Direction: Ditroit
— Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
— Design: Salvatore Giunta, Matteo Nicoli
— Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Riccardo Bancone
— Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo, Matteo Nicoli, Pietro Furbatto
— Animation: Matteo Nicoli, Vincenzo Memeo
— Simulation: Vincenzo Memeo, Jordie Pagès
— Editing: Matteo Nicoli
— Producer: Ada Korvafaj
— Audio: Smider

— Agency: &Reale
— Creative Director: Jason Reale
— Client: Malaki

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