Production: Red Paper Heart
Creative Director: Zander Brimijoin
Technology Director: Daniel Scheibel
Executive Producer: Lisa Walters
Senior Developer: Greg Schomburg
Developer: Shuvashis Das
Design/Animation: Danni Huang

Fabrication: Joseph Nero Studio



Ficha Técnica:

DIRECTOR / Julien Vallée

CONCEPT / Julien Vallée & Nicolas Burrows

D.O.P. / Simon Duhamel


SOUND DESIGN / Nicolas Burrows & René-Pierre T.-Guérin

MOTION DESIGN / Julien Vallée

MUSIC / Montoire

ADDITIONAL KEYING / Pierre-Olivier Nantel & Marie-Michele Bergeron

Boards Interactive Magazine – Walkthrough

“For the March 2010 issue of Boards Magazine, Emily Gobeille and I worked with Nexus Productions to develop an interactive cover experience called Rise and Fall. Here is a little preview of the experience.

You can download the software and the cover from: boardsmag.com/RiseAndFall

Update: Found out you can buy a copy of the magzine for $7 by emailing – BoardsCustomerCare@boardsmag.com . You can also download the cover as a pdf from the link above.

The project uses the Ferns library for tracking ( cvlab.epfl.ch/software/ferns/index.php ) and the whole project is open source released under the GPL v2.0 . Grab the source code here: boardsmag.com/RiseAndFall  ”

Ficha técnica:

Digital Directors:
Emily Gobeille – zanyparade.com
Theo Watson – theowatson.com

Produced by:
Nexus Productions – nexusproductions.com

Sound Design:
MOST Original Soundtracks – m-ost.nl

Made with openFrameworks – openframeworks.cc
Using the Ferns library for tracking – cvlab.epfl.ch/software/ferns/index.php

Sony Realtime Projection Mapping

Realização: Sony Network Entertainment International (+)

“We were funded by the Video Store of PlayStation® Store (http://www.greatfilmsfillrooms.com) to make a series of movie related videos using ‘Immersive Imaging’ which takes 3D projection mapping as its starting point, but gives the viewer a supercharged experience with the help of the PlayStation Move controller.

In the past, projection mapping worked only from a single, static view point, and thus was very limited. By attaching the PlayStation Move to the camera, we can track projections to screens in real time, enhancing the effect of spatial deformation and false perspective on the projections and allowing viewers to look round (virtual) corners, bend walls, create a hole in the wall, or remove the walls altogether to reveal vast expanses of virtual worlds.”

Puppet Parade – Interactive Kinect Puppets


This is the updated 2.0 version of our Kinect Interactive Puppet prototype ( vimeo.com/16985224 ).

Puppet Parade is an interactive installation that allows children to use their arms to puppeteer larger than life creatures projected on the wall in front of them. Children can also step in to the environment and interact with the puppets directly, petting them or making food for them to eat. This dual interactive setup allows children to perform alongside the puppets, blurring the line between the ‘audience’ and the puppeteers and creating an endlessly playful dialogue between the children in the space and the children puppeteering the creatures.

Puppet Parade premiered at the 2011 Cinekid festival in Amsterdam. Puppet Parade is made with openFrameworks and the ofxKinect addon.

Project page: design-io.com/?p=15

Ficha Técnica:
Project by Design I/O – design-io.com
Exhibited at Cinekid Media Lab 2011 – cinekid.nl
Sound Design by: m-ost.nl
Video by Thiago Glomer / Go Glo – thiagobrazil.blogspot.com

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