Google for Education: Future of The Classroom

Client: Google for Education
Google Team: Tim Anderson, Katie Bernasek, Danny Bresnik, & Matt Kipper

Production: Coat of Arms
CDs/producers: Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Design director: Ryan Butterworth
Editor: Jonathan Lacocque
Designer: Janis Andzans, Ryan Butterworth, Friedrich Detering, Dennis Hoogstad, Julia Iverson, Phong Luong, Chris Moberg, Hieu Vu
Animator: Susanna Basone, Terence Ginja-Martinho, Dennis Hoogstad, Pablo Lozano, Phong Luong, Eze Matteo, Arthur Metcalf, Jessica Plummer, and Knifeson Yu
Clean up: Pablo Lozano, Eze Matteo, Arthur Metcalf, Jessica Plummer, and Knifeson Yu

Sound/music: Ambrose Yu
Voiceover: Ariel Kern


‘Treat Me Good’ Proud & Punch


Co-directors : Softly Dunstan & Darren Price
Senior Producer : Tina Braham
Junior Producer : Diana Angelius
Head of Studio : Jeremy Howdin
Storyboards : Adrienne Bolina
Model/Surface : Serge Astahov, Tessa Eden
Rig : Tessa Eden
Animation : Duncan MacLaren, Ben Hubbard
Light/Render : Serge Astahov
Composite : Supriya Bhonsle

Client : Peters
Agency : Leo Burnett Melbourne

#TakeOnHistory – Wimbledon

Smith and Foulkes’ brought to life a beautifully illustrated and animated journey depicting the evolution of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The film shows follows a continuous tennis rally, beginning in 1877 with Spencer Gore through the ages right up to the stars of the present day. As each new era begins, the illustrative style evolves with it, capturing the era and historic details such as radically changing fashions, pony rollers used to keep the courts in prime condition, tv broadcasts, and even the switch to yellow balls.”

Annecy Festival – 100 Years in 100 Seconds

AD AGENCY: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
CLIENT: Apex-Brasil
TITLE: Cem Anos em Cem Segundos
AIR DATE: 06/02/2018
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Pedro Padro | Rodrigo Castellari
ARTISTIC DIRECTORS/COPYWRITERS: Mica Moran | Luiz Brodo | Marcelo Almeida
ACCOUNT SERVICES: Saulo Sanchez | Rafael Cappelli | Gabriela Marques | Julia Marquezi | Camila Larroudé
MEDIA SERVICES: Mauricio Almeida | Adriana Roza | Leonardo Sousa
PLANNING: Rita Albuquerque | Quentin Mahe
RTV: Elucieli Nascimento | Fernanda Sousa | Rafael Paes | Victor Alloza



Written and directed by—Tom Judd & Ed Barrett
Commissioned by—Rob Alderson at WeTransfer
Producer—Laura Darby
Music composition and sound design—Sounds Like These

Digital animation:

Ricard Badia
Ed Barrett
Michael Davies
Frida Ek
Stewart Harvey
Dev Joshi
Tom Judd
Alex Lund
Lana Simanenkova
Milo Targett

Cel animation:

Ed Barrett
Emma Ehrling
Frida Ek
Olivia Golding
Alex Lund
Alice Seatherton
Lana Simanenkova

3D animation:

Ricard Badia
Scott Lockhart

Layout artists:

Ed Barrett
Emma Ehrling
Lana Simanenkova
Alex Lund
Tom Judd


Ed Barrett
Michael Davies
Stewart Harvey
Scott Lockhart
Dev Joshi
Tom Judd

Press and marketing:

Amy Egan

Special thanks:

Rob Alderson
Sam Heath
Joe Connor
Oli Slack
Theo Krish
Søren Lund Nielsen
James Chambers
The Barretts
The Judds
Dani Currie
Georgie Lister-Fell
Katie Nash
Heather Graham

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