From Coercion to Justice

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Directed by Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Peter Larkin
Producer: Alex Parvin
Art Direction & Illustration: Guillaume Le Roux
Character Design: Jade Evans
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Jade Evans, Giulia Bavagnoli
Writer: Rowena Wyles
Sound Design: Serafima Serafimova
VO Artist: Susan Rice

OFFSET 2014 – Speaker Titles Compilation

This is a compilation of all the speaker titles for the 2014 OFFSET Festival,
which was held in Dublin this March 21st-23rd.
The titles were originally 24 separate 28 second long clips, one for each speaker,
and was played before each talk.
Directed by M&E
Art Direction: M&E
Concept: M&E
Cinematography: M&E
Editing: M&E
Colour Grading: M&E
Construction: M&E
Music: ‘Flying Eagle’ by BODEBRIXEN
M&E Design:
OFFSET Creative Festival

Moleskine Monogram / Director’s Cut

New logo and monogram for Moleskine, and a new video to present it to everybody!
A journey, travel and adventure “inside” and outside Moleskine world!
Directed by: N9VE
Creative / Art Director: Alessandro Novelli

Design / Illustration: Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa

Animation: Victor Perez, Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa

Sound: N9ve
Research & Project Development: Neue Big
Client: Moleskine
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