TEDxSydney 2018 Titles

Client: TEDx Sydney

Director: Scott Geersen
Layout, Cinematography: Substance
Edit: Joe Morris
Look Dev / Shading / Lighting: Rich Nosworthy, Rory McLean, Jeff Briant, Ezequiel Grand, Scott Geersen
Additional Sculpts: Ezequiel Grand, Rich Nosworthy

Original Music & Sound Design : CypherAudio / John Black & Tobias Norberg

FENDI – Jungle Futurism – D.C.

director: Dario Imbrogno
dop: Patrizio Sacco
set designer: Carlo Cossignani
first set designer assistant: Linda Vallone
post production: Emilio Sapia
set design assistants: Sara Irace , Chiara de Rota, Daniele Cocco
Animation: dario imbrogno e Stefania Demicheli
dop assistant: Paolo Digiacomo
music and soundesign: Enrico Ascoli
H.production: Withstand Film

Looking For Something

“A surreal journey of a man wondering about the meaning of life and looking for answers within his own consciousness while snoozing at his desk during working hours.”

Directed, animated and written by César Pelizer
Produced by weareseventeen
Music, Sound and VO by Thomas Williams


Happy Holidays Fraunhofer

Nice work done by the portuguese Mulligan Studio!

Client | Fraunhofer
Director | Mulligan 
Art Direction | Mulligan
Illustration | Rui Pedro Almeida
3D Modeling | Ricardo Coelho, Helder Vasconcelos
Animation | Mulligan, Rui Pedro Almeida, Ricardo Coelho, Helder Vasconcelos
Sound Fx | Mulligan

Bunz: Intro to cryptocurrency

Animation Studio: Polyester Studio
Design and Art: Elliot Lim
Additional Art: Oliver Dead
Lead Animation: Oliver Dead
Cel Animation: Sasha Bogolyubova, Pablo Lozano, Nicolas Piccirilli,
Producer: Robyn Smale
Creative Director: Jeremy Dimmock

Music and Sound design: Jeff Moberg

Client: Bunz

2014 Oscars Graphics Montage by Mill+

Mill+ designed the 2014 Academy Awards Show Package for both The Oscars’ broadcast and live theatrical experience, and the Nominations Package and In Memoriam sequence.
See more of our work on the Show Package: tmbg.co/qyv70 Nominations Package: tmbg.co/2534q In Memoriams: tmbg.co/9wfs8
And find more info and artists credits at Mill+ bit.ly/MillOscars

America Tonight


“Shot in Los Angeles, directed by Anders Schroder, the first title sequence we created for Al Jazeera was for their flagship program “America Tonight”.
Their mission is to tell urgent, important and underreported stories with the quality, depth and time they deserve. Hosted by veteran journalist Joie Chen, America Tonight draws upon the reporting of its six award-winning correspondents, the global newsgathering resources of Al Jazeera Media Network’s 12 U.S. bureaus and more than 70 bureaus around the world, and the work of the Al Jazeera America investigative team.”

The Box / Room 17

“We Are Seventeen were asked to design, direct and animate 4 ident videos for the rebrand of The Box. The following ident “Room 17″ – I was responsible for the animation. The core concept was to show The Box as a portal into a parallel universe of excitement and mayhem. In our treatment we created some typically mundane scenes which when viewed through ‘the box’ would be shown to be alive with vibrant and unexpected energy, character and action.”

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