VICE Film School — From the Brink: Venom Superman


Director + animation – Joseph Melhuish
Additional animation + design – Harry Butt
Production – Polly Williams
Sound design – Matt Cheney
VO – Josh Haddow
Supervising Producer – Emma Yuille
Music Supervisor – Bonnie Reilly

Happy Holidays Fraunhofer

Nice work done by the portuguese Mulligan Studio!

Client | Fraunhofer
Director | Mulligan 
Art Direction | Mulligan
Illustration | Rui Pedro Almeida
3D Modeling | Ricardo Coelho, Helder Vasconcelos
Animation | Mulligan, Rui Pedro Almeida, Ricardo Coelho, Helder Vasconcelos
Sound Fx | Mulligan

Cartoon Network – 25 Years

Gabriel Fermanelli

Executive Producer:
Gustavo Karam
JuanMa Freire

Juliana Millán

Art Director:
Gastón Pacheco

Gastón Pacheco
Martín Vinograd
Delfina Perez Adán
Juan Barabani
Juan Pez
Blás Rodriguez
Leandro Chamán
Florencia Tasso

Diego de Rose
Valentina Candia
Alejandro Briganti
Melisa Farina

Cintia Czeszczewik
Alejandro Briganti
Valentina Candia
Melisa Farina
Natalia Bedrossian
Kate Pryor
Franco Pelliciaro
Ana Artaza
Juan Pablo Barbieri

Animation Clean up:
Julieta Culacciati
Giorgio Gore
Franco Pelliciaro
Ana Artaza
Kate Pryor
Yas Hanna
Facundo Lopez
Facundo García
Agostina Salvemini
Florentina Gonzalez
Guadalupe Marimorena Florez Cortez
Luis Cantiani
Mariano del Franco

Vicente Ziegler
Jardeson Rocha

Music & Sound Design:
Cachorro Loco

AutoStore Brand Film


Marketing Director
Magne Hatteland


Production Company

Executive Producer
Kate Bate

Leah Wesolowski

Chris Bahry, Nicolas Girard,
Rafael Ruiz

Project Manager
Craig Watson

Art Director
Olga Abramowicz

Brittany Sheahan

Jeremy Benning

Set Design
Nicolas Girard

Alison Gordon

Assistant Editor
Scott Edwards, Oliver Whitfield-Smith

Gabe Sapienza

Concept Art and Lookdev
Chris Bjerre, Vladislav Solovjov,
Evaldas Cesnavicius, Toros Kose,
Chris Bahry

Head of 3D
Ben Pilgrim

TD Support
Martin Gunnarsson

3D Modeling
Ben Pilgrim, Christian Hecht,
Tyrel Scott, Runbo Chen,
Marek Denko

3D Animation
Nejc Polovsak, Matt Frodsham,
Matias Hansen, Will Sharkey,
Martin Gunnarsson, Vlad Solovjov

Look-Dev, Lighting and Render
Nejc Polovsak, Matt Frodsham, Alexandre Veaux, Brad Husband,
Vlad Solovjov, Marcelo Souza

Compositing and Colour
Alexandre Veaux, Brad Husband,
Chris Bahry


Worship Co-Directors
Nicolas Girard, Rafael Ruiz

Greg Benedetto

Caroline Leung

Mood Edit
Nicolas Girard

Concept Art and Lookdev
Nicolas Girard, Rafael Ruiz

3D Animation
Alex Gee, Nicolas Girard

2D Animation
Alex Gee, Rafael Ruiz, Nicolas Girard


Sound Design + Music

Matt Ellis

Helium Harvey

A Film by Daniel Savage
Produced by Something Savage Inc.
More info:
Full credits:
Written, Directed & Animated
Daniel Savage
Title Designer
Dave Foster
Additional 2D FX
Jay Quercia
Digital Ink & Paint
Christina Lu
Audio Post services by
Impossible Acoustic
Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer
Brendan J. Hogan
Foley Artist
Jamie Hunsdale
Mixed at
Clatter&Din studios
Cyrille Marchesseau
Performed by
Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra
Conducted by
Oleg Kontradenko
Music Mixer
Rodolphe Gervais
Aude Nassieu Maupas, Boban Apostolov, Georgii Hristovski
Special Thanks
Tricia Desjardins
Mom and the former Savages
Cody Murray
Alex Mapar
Amid Amidi
Jerry Liu
Dark Igloo

2014 Oscars Graphics Montage by Mill+

Mill+ designed the 2014 Academy Awards Show Package for both The Oscars’ broadcast and live theatrical experience, and the Nominations Package and In Memoriam sequence.
See more of our work on the Show Package: Nominations Package: In Memoriams:
And find more info and artists credits at Mill+

We Wander

A bunch of animals hide in the darkness of the night, motivated by their very own instinct, not feeling menaced by anything or anyone. But a light disturbs their peaceful rest, they feel troubled when their land is invaded and everything becomes unexpected. The Sun rises, the animals leave, the sun light baths the land and we keep wandering around, not knowing where and when we are and nothing matters anymore.
Directed by Dvein
Cinematography · Dani Robles
Editor · María Antón Cabot
Sound Editor · Eduardo Castro
Foley Artist · Alex F. Capilla
Music · Tomás Virgós
Head of production · Anahí Puig & Sergi Roda
Art Direction · Ana Muñiz
Production manager · Idoia Sánchez
Production assistant · Sara Valderas, Belinda Sánchez
Camera operator · Vivian Rodríguez
Animals · Fauna y Acción
Post-production · Alba Ribera, Lluisa Cuchillo
Producer · Marga Sardá
Type design · Superexpresso
Produced by Agosto & Dvein
Thanks to: Gabriel Azorín, lacasinegra, Rafa Montilla, Marçal Fores, familia Samitier-Celma

850 meters
Making of teaser :
Making of #1 :
Making of #2 :
Making of #3 :
Making of #4 :
850 METERS is an animated comedy short produced by THURISTAR in coproduction with Lunanime, currently screening in festivals. The short has also aired on CANAL+ in France and will soon be shown on Ketnet (VRT) and Ouftivi (RTBF) in Belgium.

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