“The Great Hack” Opening Titles by Ash Thorp

The Great Hack is one of the most important documentaries in this era of rampant social media, as it exposes the technological invasion of privacy and the scandalous data manipulation against its unsuspecting users.

For a detailed breakdown of the project please visit – altcinc.com
Design + Direction – Ash Thorp
Producer – Monica Thorp
Designer + Animator – Toros Kose
CGI Artist + Animator – Ryan Cashman
CGI Artist + Animator – Zaoeyo
Reel Music – Pavel Dovgal – The Drug

Directors – Jehane Noujaim & Karim Amer
Producer – Judy Korin & Pedro Kos

Aquaman / Main on End Title Sequence / Filmograph

Client: DC Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures, The Safran Company
Director: James Wan

Production: Filmograph
Creative Directors: Aaron Becker, Simon Clowes
Executive Producer: Seth Kleinberg
Producer: Troy James Miller
CG Supervisor: Lee Nelson
Lighting Lead: Patrick Vidal
Lighting: Victor Duncan / Vladimir Pineda
Modeling: Eric Keller, Edwin Chiu, Bryan Repka, Meats Meier, Tom Bradley
FX Artists: Troy Barsness, Hnedel Maximore
Compositing: Andrea Caretta, Sarah Brooke Grossmann, Charles Roberts
Matte Painting: Zach Mandt
Colorist/Editor: Simon Clowes
Additional Design/Animation: Joseph Ahn / Zachary Carnes / Takayuki Sato / Alphonse Swinehart
Storyboard Artist: Dakota Warren
Special Thanks: Kirk Morri, Rob Cowan, Josh Levinson, Walter Hamada, Dane Maddock, Peter Safran

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