A Meditation on the Open Web by Alexis Lloyd

Writer/art director: Alexis Lloyd
Designer/animator: Caresse Haaser 
Sound: Caresse Haaser
VO: Alexis Lloyd
Additional direction: John Maeda, Eriko Kawakami


Style, Wit, and Snack-sized Bits of London History

Client: Fora Space

Agency: Anyways

Production/director: Nice Shit Studio
Design: Rodier Kidmann, Carmen Angelillo
Animation/clean up: Guido Lambertini, Erik Righetti & Carmen Angelillo
Music/sound design: Facundo Capece & Lola Ritcher.

Rise “Hope-a-nomics” by Legwork and Whirled

Client: Rise / Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

Agency: Whirled
Exec. Creative Director: Scott Chan
Creative Director: Mary Fagot
Copywriter: Chris Torrens
EP: Jon Barlow
Producer: Steffi Binder
Uncreative Director: Wilson Meng

Production: Legwork
Creative Director: Aaron Ray
Producer: Lisa Rooney
Storyboards: Mary Vertulfo, Aaron Ray
Art Direction: Rob Modini
Design: Rob Modini, Mary Vertulfo
Animation: Stuart Inamura, Harry Schaeffer, Kyle Martinez, Reece Parker

E-Sports Explainer

Explaining E-Sports

“In the past few years we have had a few clients come through our doors looking for help with their E-Sports projects. These jobs and clients have inspired us to create a short explainer about the new and fast moving genre of E-Sports.

It is moving very fast and furious, growing constantly. This made us excited to dive deeper with the networks and teams in all these leagues. This is our fun interpretation on the new phenomenon. “

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