Inspirational 2013 / Open Titles

Direction and Art Direction: South and Island
Audio Production and Recording: Flow Audio
Piano Performed: Santi Escura
Character Design: Jorge Tabanera
Technical Support: Juanjo Bernabéu
Character Animation: Camilo Guamán
Modelling: Alfredo Rocha, Jéssica Lorenzo
Special Thanks: Ana Raya, Carmen R. Mazo, Pablo Calzado, Douglas Áxel Samaniego
In collaboration with Grey Group

Pause Fest 2014 Opening Titles

Opening title sequence for the 2014 Pause Festival held in Melbourne, Australia.
Directed and Designed by Syndrome
Music and Sound Design by Echoic
Produced by Plus Four
Art Direction and Props:
Sean Genrich
Special Thanks to Ventilate

Moleskine Monogram / Director’s Cut

New logo and monogram for Moleskine, and a new video to present it to everybody!
A journey, travel and adventure “inside” and outside Moleskine world!
Directed by: N9VE
Creative / Art Director: Alessandro Novelli

Design / Illustration: Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa

Animation: Victor Perez, Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa

Sound: N9ve
Research & Project Development: Neue Big
Client: Moleskine
a small making of:
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MARSH “IGNITE” (dir. cut)


“In a beautifully collaborative relationship, we were able to work directly with the global insurance brand, MARSH. Keeping a company that large, in that many places around the globe, aligned, informed, and focused is a full-time job. Our project was to write and visualize a short film that would inspire and motivate as well as create a buzz inside the organization and out. With a unique take on a Saul Bass-inpsired aesthetic and a hero character going on an Odyssean journey, we took MARSH on a their own creative trip and back again.”

Ficha técnica:
Ben Brooks: Practice Leader, Human Capital Performance
Christian K. Schaub: Project Leader, Human Capital Performance
Peter Zaffino: President, CEO
Laurie Ledford: Chief Human Resources Officer
Jodi Cohen: Global Leader, Internal Communication
Victor Bialski: Marketing and Communications Manager, Brazil
Simon Bleasdale: Global Creative Director

Creative Partners: David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk
Director / Lead Designer: Jodi Terwilliger
Script: Peter Rhoads, Jodi Terwilliger
2D Animators: Salih Abdul-Karim, Justin Demetrician
Assistant Animators: Jeff Chong, Yinzi Xiong
Producer: Jana Heiss

Music Sound Design: David Kamp
VO Recording: Antfood
VO Artist: Lizzie Brown

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