Casino Branding 2018

“An online casino brand animation to feature its variety of games like slot machines, coin tokens, playing cards and a live streaming host all under the same platform.”

Direction: Carbon
Design, Animation: Kachi Chan



Client: Viacom International Media Networks Italia
Senior Producer: Federico Massimo

Alkanoids Team
Creative director: Yuh Kuo Tai
Creative Producer: Raffaella Roccella
Art Director: Valerio Bosi
3D Artist: Marilisa Besana, Mario Ruggiero, Jack Lietti

Sound Design: Carlos Zarattini

E-Sports Explainer

Explaining E-Sports

“In the past few years we have had a few clients come through our doors looking for help with their E-Sports projects. These jobs and clients have inspired us to create a short explainer about the new and fast moving genre of E-Sports.

It is moving very fast and furious, growing constantly. This made us excited to dive deeper with the networks and teams in all these leagues. This is our fun interpretation on the new phenomenon. “

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Lurpak – Lightest

Realizado por: Dougal Wilson (+).

Lurpak and Wieden+Kennedy are giving healthy food a bright and cheerful makeover with their new campaign for Lurpak® Lightest Spreadable, and they wisely brought in Dougal to help them spread the word. Fresh from an incredible year rounded off by his immensely popular ‘The Long Wait’ for John Lewis, Dougal lends his uniquely charming touch to a good cause: getting people to eat more vegetables.

Celebrating cooking in its most vibrant form, we’re reminded that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with the help of past collaborators such as editor Joe Guest and art director Andy Kelly, Dougal makes it look downright spectacular. There’s also a catchy little ditty that’ll stay in your head all day, with the stars of the show providing not only a riot of colour but musical accompaniment as well.

Watch the video, sing along and get chopping! But watch your fingers… “

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