HASBRO Super Mashers Marvel

Agency: GREY NY
Production: Gravity NY |
Director/Creative Director: Harry Dorrington |
Executive producer: Bob Samuel |
Producers: Emily Davis |
Post-production/CG/compositing: DIGITALKRAFT |
Inhouse supervisor/producer: Ivan Pribicevic |
Nikola Vulovic |
Branko Brkovic |
Vladan Djuric
Djordje Ilic |
Marko Milasinovic |
Marko Milankovic |
Milorad Petkovic |
Predrag Sanader |
Djordje Nagulov |

Royale Showreel Fall 2011

Grande produtora: design. motion. animation


“An updated reel hot off the press of Muscle’s edit station.
We have a bunch of juicy new work begging for their moment in the montage, and you’ll find fresh bits sprinkled throughout.

Big thanks to the exceptionally talented and fun, Robert Randolph & the Family Band for their track, “Aint Nothin’ Wrong with That”.”

Work/Life: Royale attempts the impossible

Impossible Present

Director Criativo: Jayson Whitmore

Produção: Royale

Descrição: “In our free time we enjoy long walks on the beach, reading leather-bound books by the fireplace, tequila tasting, and crafting fully CG character-driven short films. Sit back and enjoy the cuteness… And Happy Holiday’s from your friends here at Royale” in weareroyale.com

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