Paramount Channel ID’s 2017

TV Spots for the Paramount Channel ID’s

Agency: Viacom
Creative Producer: Donat Aron Ertsey
Art Director & Illustrator: Benjamin Kalaszi
2D Animation: David Dell’Edera, Timea Horvath, Gabor Filkor, Benjamin Kalaszi
3D: David Dell’Edera

“DECASA” – Channel Branding

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Client: Chello Multicanal España

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh

Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo

Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Art Director: Federico Dams 

Design: Federico Dams 

Animation: Federico Dams, Rodolfo Melian
Sound design: Emilio Haro, Pablo Paz
Music for this reel: “Merry Happy” – Kate Nash

TVS Vikings s2 TEASER

Vikings Season 2 – TEASER
Client | Canal TVS
Product | TVS Vikings S2 TEASER
Agency | Até ao Fim do Mundo
Concept & Motion Graphics | João Vaz Oliveira
3D | Nuno Santos
Color correction/grading | João Vaz Oliveira
Production Date | Jan 2014
Airing | 2014 – Portugal


Channel branding
At Lumbre. 2011 / 2012
Design & animation of channel branding
Full Credits:
Client: Creative Director: Natalia Giuliano / Producer: Mara Feis
Creative Director: Sergio Saleh // Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo // Assistant Producer: Evelyn Robayo //
Design and Animation: Paula Vidal, Andy Cambiasso, Damian Stricker, Adriana Campos //
Sound Design: Emilio Haro

VOX Redesign

New TV Design-Package for the German TV Channel VOX. Our tasks have been: Development of the Promo-Screen Insert, Backgrounds, the Logo-ID and Logo-Loop, the Commercial-Break Insert and the new Look of the VOX-Logo-Sphere.
Client: VOX Television GmbH (
Agency: Feedmee Design GmbH (
Art-Direction: Anton Riedel
Producer: Gerry Menschik
Co-Artist: Bastian J. Schiffer (, Christoph Grosse Hovest (


Alessandro Durando // Daniele Gavatorta // Lorenzo Levrero
YEAR: 2012
TYPE: Ident Breakdown
WHAT: Concept, Design, 3D, Art Direction, Animations
CHANNEL WRITER / PRODUCER: Giulio Tiberi, Silvia Morganti
CLIENT: Discovery Channel
MUSIC (Breakdown): Brandumize – Track: Cardiac tales

Here you can see the final result:

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