CTC Olympic Package 2014


Client: CTC Channel
Directior: Alex Mikhaylov
Art-director: Alex Mikhaylov
Design: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov
CG-Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Producer: Elena Orlova
Modelling: Max Chelyadnikov
3D-Animation: Dmitriy Paukov, Alexander Sokolov
2D-Animation: Pavel Paratov
Render: Max Chelyadnikov
Compose: Max Chelyadnikov


“Viasat asked us to create a set of sophisticated and engaging channel idents for the launch of their new Norwegian general entertainment and lifestyle channel, TV6.
The initial set of three idents support the core programming categories of Food, Glamour and Architecture, with a set of seasonal themed spots for Spring, Summer and Autumn
A ‘logo-centric’ approach was requested to help reinforce the new brand, and each ident follows a similar sequence to help build a sense of familiarity.
As this logo was new to viewers our main challenge was to balance the need to convey each theme while ensuring the logo remained recognisable even when constructed from such eclectic elements.”

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