Writer/director: Bastiaan Schravendeel
Art director: Sander Kamermans
Technical director: Jean-Paul Tossings
Production: Polder Animation, Tunde Vollenbroek (Tunde Animation)
Animation: Veronyka Jelinek, Quentin Haberham, Bastiaan Schravendeel
Additional artists: Bram Vermaas, Fokke Mars, Jan Postema

Composer: Daniel Polman
Sound studio: Bob Kommer Studios
Sound/foley/mix: Jeroen Nadrop, Robin v. d. Heiden
Rail platform recording: Robert Jung
Support: Creative Industries Fund NL
Festival Distribution: Ursula van den Heuvel (KLIK distribution)

The Dream of Ink: UNHIDE Conference

“The Dream of Ink” is the official opening video of UNHIDE Conference, the first event focused on Digital Art in Brazil.

Production: Lightfarm Studios
Director/producer/VFX artist: Rafael Vallaperde
Original idea: Milton Menezes
Concept, Storyboard, Layout, animator and CGI generalist: Kawe de Sá
Animation: Viviane Rodrigues, Kawe de Sá
Concept art: Diego Barcelos, Giselle Almeida
Modeling: Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato
CGI Generalist: Rafael Moco, Marcelo Cabral, Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato, Rafael Vallaperde
Shading and Rendering: Diego Maricato, Thiago de Sul, Marcelo Cabral
VFX: Thiago Paladino, Rafael Moco, José Mauro Lobão, Rafael Vallaperde, Kawe de Sá, Johnny Farmfield, Mesrop Hovhannisyan aka MES
Rigging: Apolo Osornio, Danilo Pinheiro, Gabriel Valderramos, Glauber Belo, Isaac Buzzola, Matheus Alexandre

Nike: Dare to Zlatan

Agency: Wieden and Kennedy
Producer: Michelle Brough
Creatives: Greg Kouts, Anthony Spencer
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Austen Humphries
Producer: Kelly Spacey
Editing Company: Work Post
Editor: Rachael Spann
Post-Production / VFX
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
VFX Producer: Serena Noorani, Duncan Gaman
Shoot Supervisor: Pete Hodsman, Georgina Ford
2D Lead Artists: Georgina Ford, Leonardo Costa
3D Lead Artists: Fabrice Le Nezet
2D Artists: Olivia O’Neil, Kirti Dave, Anne-Sofie Tholander, Hugo Guerra, Milo Paterson, Justin Gros Desir, Jeanette Eiternes
3D Artists: Michael Hanault, Quentin Sauvinet, Charlotte Akehurst, Finlay Pearston
Matte Painting: Ross Urien,Jiyoung Lee, Rosemary Eve
Motion Graphics: Henry Foreman, Ivo Sousa
Colourist: James Bamford
Digital Gif Team: Nils Kloth, James Zwaldo, Jan Sladecko, Paul Bloomfield, Cameron Smither

HASBRO Super Mashers Marvel

Agency: GREY NY
Production: Gravity NY |
Director/Creative Director: Harry Dorrington |
Executive producer: Bob Samuel |
Producers: Emily Davis |
Post-production/CG/compositing: DIGITALKRAFT |
Inhouse supervisor/producer: Ivan Pribicevic |
Nikola Vulovic |
Branko Brkovic |
Vladan Djuric
Djordje Ilic |
Marko Milasinovic |
Marko Milankovic |
Milorad Petkovic |
Predrag Sanader |
Djordje Nagulov |

CTC Spring/Summer 2013 IDs

A pack of IDs for 2013 spring/summer season on russian CTC TV-Channel.
Client: CTC Channel
Postproduction company: Nenashev
Art-director: Alex Mikhaylov
Producers: Elena Orlova, Anna Borsheva
Designer: Alex Mikhaylov
CG-Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Modelling: Daniel Rybkin, Daniil Peshkov
Animation: Daniel Rybkin, Daniil Peshkov
Render: Max Chelyadnikov
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov


“The robots were taken from real Japanese robot model kits, and they now hold a privileged position in our freak museum. The bad guy spits real smoke out of its mouth! The environment is made of cardboard houses that were integrated with the help of camera tweaks. It all serves to the purpose of creating a dumb homogeneous atmosphere in which we’re defined by what we’ve got, that is, the same lame things.
Don’t take the message too seriously. This is a promo video we’ve done to laugh at ourselves. We all have an i-diot inside, and it’s so fun!”
A tale by Big Lazy Robot VFX
Music and sound design by Full Basstards

Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 2

Excelente composição digital

“The Emmy award-winning team at Brainstorm Digital has put together the before and after shots from season 2 of HBO’s hit series “Boardwalk Empire”. (courtesy of Home Box Office, Inc) Twitter: @BrainstormVFX.

Get ready for some “wow”. Brainstorm Digital shares with the public (some) of the secrets of the visual effects in HBO’s hit series “Boardwalk Empire”. The images are pretty amazing, especially if watching the show you had no idea of the amount of computer graphics involved. What’s real? What’s CG? I bet your will never watch a TV series with the same eyes again.”

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