2014 Oscars Graphics Montage by Mill+

Mill+ designed the 2014 Academy Awards Show Package for both The Oscars’ broadcast and live theatrical experience, and the Nominations Package and In Memoriam sequence.
See more of our work on the Show Package: tmbg.co/qyv70 Nominations Package: tmbg.co/2534q In Memoriams: tmbg.co/9wfs8
And find more info and artists credits at Mill+ bit.ly/MillOscars

CTC Olympic Package 2014


Client: CTC Channel
Directior: Alex Mikhaylov
Art-director: Alex Mikhaylov
Design: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov
CG-Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Producer: Elena Orlova
Modelling: Max Chelyadnikov
3D-Animation: Dmitriy Paukov, Alexander Sokolov
2D-Animation: Pavel Paratov
Render: Max Chelyadnikov
Compose: Max Chelyadnikov

24kitchen. IDs

Full Package Design
At Lumbre. 2011
Design & Animation of channel branding with Carla Dasso.
Full Credits:
NatGeo & Fox International VP´s: Florencia Picco, Rafael Sandor / Creative Director NL: Erro Verschoor / Creative Director BA: Mariano Barreiro / Art Director BA: Natalia Español
Creative Director: Sergio Saleh / Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo / Assistant Producer: Evelyn Robayo
Design and Animation: Paula Vidal, Ariel Cabrera, Carla Dasso

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