Client – Youtube

Director + Design – Ash Thorp
Animation – Alasdair Willson
Score – Aeph
Producer – Monica Thorp

Special Thanks – Jason Sao Bento

Talking to Dababy about Adulthood

Client: Google

Agency: Arts & Letters Creative Co.
Founder/ECD: Charles Hodges
Director of Strategy: Andy Grayson
Director of Production: Letitia Jacobs
Managing Director: Rich Weinstein
ECD: Jed Grossman
Creative: Neil Ramanan, Lauren Albee

Production: Friends Electric
Director: Danielle Oexmann
Series Animation Creative Director: Justin Leibow
Animation Director: Gunnar Petterson
Executive Producer/Producer: Kate Hitchings
Executive Producer: Belinda Blacklock
Story Producer: Andreas Brauning
Series Editor: Sofia Kerpan
Editorial Assist: Bryant Rutledge
After Effects: Adam Singer, Matt Andrews
Intro Illustration: Jimmy Thompson
Intro Animator: Qieer Wang
Flame Mastering: Mark Renton
Researcher: Carrie Schreck, Baonghi Nguyen
Production Assistant: Kaylor Myers

Music/Sound: Overcoast Music + Sound
Sound Design/Mix: Matt Whitworth
Original Music: J.L. Hodges

TIFF: Telling Our Stories

Production Studio: Polyester Studio
Producer: Jeremy Dimmock
Art Direction: Jasper Hilgers
Art / Illustration: Nan Lee & Patrick Dias
Cel Animation: Karen Lam, Isabelle Caron, Lily Chiao, Seung-Ju Lee, Inés Fragueiro
3D Animation: Luis Campos
Final compositing and additional animation: Jasper Hilgers
Music and sound design: Jeff Moberg

Client: TIFF / Toronto International Film Festival
Narration: Taika Waititi

Cabeza Patata x Spotify Premium Reel

Client: Spotify

Director: Cabeza Patata (Katie Menzies, Abel Reverter)
Lead 3D Director: Laura Sirvent, Abel Reverter
Clothing Design & Fabrication: Katie Menzies
Clothing Simulation: Abel Reverter, Laura Sirvent
2D Pattern Design: Katie Menzies
Lead Character Animator: Raúl Ibarra
Character Rigging: Laura Sirvent
Character Animation: Raúl Ibarra, Daniela Avilés, Pablo Gonzalez, Andrea Ferrara, Charlotte Kristoff
2D Animation: Phong Luong

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