Bird “The Line Painter” by Not To Scale

Client: Bird
Head of Design: Pelun Chen
Creative Lead: David Jung
Producer: Kat Fergerson

Production: Not To Scale
Directors: BAT
Exec. Producer: Daniel O’Rourke
Producer: Edward Tull
Character Design: Margaux Rosiau
Strategy: Richard Hickey, Steve Turner, Emilien Crespo
Concept and Copy Writers: John Kahrs, Duncan Brantley, Richard Hickey, Daniel O’Rourke, BAT, David Jung
Line Producer: Pedro Lino
Head of CG: Mario Ucci, Rick Thiele
CG Supervisor: Clarisse Valeix
Lead 3D Animators: Fabrice Fiteni, Simone Giampaolo
3D Animators: Daniel Meitin Roca, Edwin Leeds, Francesca Salvatore, Krissy Josephides
2D Animation: Phil Askins
Texturing, Lighting & Rendering: Jean Baptiste Aziere, Jeremy Cissé, Victor Trovato
Compositing: Agathe Trebos, Antoine Foulot, Jean Baptiste Aziere, Jeremy Cissé, Jorge Mazariegos
Modeling: Felipe Bassi, Jose Linares
Rigging: Kipp Case
Assistant Modelling & Rigging: Noémie Halberstam
Matte Painting: Clement Danveau
Animation Studio Support: c/o Red Knuckles
Music Composition and Mix: Will Ward at Adelphoi
Producer: Jeremy Newton at Adelphoi
Colorist: Duncan Russell at Freefolk


Name: material exploration
Year: 2018
Client: imat-uve

Concept & Art Direction: Vincent Schwenk & Vitaly Grossmann

Design: Vincent Schwenk, Vitaly Grossmann, Superdesigners
Animation: Vincent Schwenk, Vitaly Grossmann, Superdesigners, Moritz Schwind
Music/Sound: Jürgen Branz

Rise “Hope-a-nomics” by Legwork and Whirled

Client: Rise / Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

Agency: Whirled
Exec. Creative Director: Scott Chan
Creative Director: Mary Fagot
Copywriter: Chris Torrens
EP: Jon Barlow
Producer: Steffi Binder
Uncreative Director: Wilson Meng

Production: Legwork
Creative Director: Aaron Ray
Producer: Lisa Rooney
Storyboards: Mary Vertulfo, Aaron Ray
Art Direction: Rob Modini
Design: Rob Modini, Mary Vertulfo
Animation: Stuart Inamura, Harry Schaeffer, Kyle Martinez, Reece Parker

Deloitte “At the Beginning of Everything” by Onesal

Client: Deloitte
Agency: Deloitte Digital

Production/direction: Onesal Japan
Director: Nahuel Salcedo
Chief producer: Ailin Brunner
Producer: Lucia Gutkin
Art director: Damian Sendin
Animation director: Damian Stricker
Design/animation: Damian Stricker, Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin, Martin Salfity, Juan Coria, Kana Terao, Koji Obara, Tomo Beddie, David Kvien

Sound design: Andrea Damiano

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