Shapiro Beer X Brothers of Light

“The video presents a fantastic world, where crafted boutique beer, art, and animation unite into a timeless space.”

Client: Shapiro Beer
Creative Directors: Kobi Vogman, Brothers of Light
Director, Animator, Editing, Graiding: Kobi Vogman
Art Direction, Animation: Brothers of Light
Original Music: Eat The Sharks Music

Bulmers – Better Over Ice

Realização: Cameron Gough(+)

“This animated commercial for Bulmers was made exclusively for the Rooftop Cinema.

The concept was to show the magical explosion of goodness that occurs when you add ice to your already delicious glass of Bulmers cider.”

Ficha técnica:

Animation Director: Cameron Gough
Artwork: Annika Fleur
Animation + Compositing: Cameron Gough
3D Elements: Shane Smith
Sound Design: Nick van Cuylenburg
Agency: Rooftop Cinema
Producer: Tait Ischia

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