“The ABC Murders” Opening Titles by Huge Designs

Opening title sequence for the 2018 BBC Agatha Christie drama ‘The ABC Murders’
Client: Mammouth Screen
Produced by: Huge Designs



The BBC wanted a colourful, fun action sequence introducing the cast…. and here it is.

Shooting the actors especially for the titles (except Maimie, who had to be roto’d), its a swashbucklin series of vignettes!
Design: Nic Benns
Direction: Nic Benns, Colin Wratten
Animation: Jim Fisher
Producer: Tom Bromwich
TV Producer: Colin Wratten
Client: BBC America

Promo | BBC Sport ‘F1 Monaco Grand Prix’

PROJECT: Brand Film

“If you want high living, fast living, then this is the name of the place and this is the name of the game.”

The BBC holds the broadcasting rights to the entire Formula 1 Racing calendar in the UK.

Prior to the race, a short film is often screened to set the tone and context of the event as well as building anticipation for the million-strong motor racing fans who are watching worldwide.

We pitched a concept to the BBC for the biggest spectacle on the F1 calendar: the Monaco Grand Prix.

Our concept for the Monaco Grand Prix focused on the parallels between the high-stakes world of Formula 1 and the glamour and intrigue of the casinos that are synonymous with Monaco.

The sequence features BBC presenter Jake Humphrey who was filmed in a chroma-key green studio, and then immersed in a graphically rendered environment of tumbling dice, cascading cards and kaleidoscoping racecars to evoke the stylised chic of vintage European poster design.

Our F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2011 film won the Royal Television Society Award for Graphic Design – Programme Content Sequences.

Making of:

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