TEDxSydney 2018 Titles

Client: TEDx Sydney

Director: Scott Geersen
Layout, Cinematography: Substance
Edit: Joe Morris
Look Dev / Shading / Lighting: Rich Nosworthy, Rory McLean, Jeff Briant, Ezequiel Grand, Scott Geersen
Additional Sculpts: Ezequiel Grand, Rich Nosworthy

Original Music & Sound Design : CypherAudio / John Black & Tobias Norberg

Tilal Al Ghaf

Art&Graft present an ambitious new film for Tilal Al Ghaf; a contemporary community-driven neighbourhood that redefines property development and demonstrates the cultural vibrancy and diversity of Dubai.

Designed, Directed & Produced — Art&Graft
Music & SFX — Brains & Hunch

See more here — artandgraft.com/project/tilal-al-ghaf

Google Cloud – Navigating AI

Google Cloud Lead: Jennifer Kelly
Project Manager: Xiomara Bovell
Creative by Coat of Arms
Creative Direction & Producing: Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Writing: Xiomara Bovell & Clara Lehmann
Design & Layout: Friederich Detering
Illustration: Julia Iverson
Animation: Terrence Ginja-Martinho
Music: Gravity – artlist.io

Tissue Animals

Film Director : Fuyu Arai
Stop Motion Animator : Motoki Ohno
Film Cameraman : Chiyoe Sugita
Film Cameraman Assistant : Masahiro Shintani
Lightman : HIGASIX
Lightman Assistant : Tomoya Yoshimura
Art Work : Kiyomi Tokita
Art Work : Takanori Saito
Art Work : Shizuka Masaki
Editor : Maho Inamoto
Music : Mitsuru Sameshima
Sound Effect : Yoshiaki Tokunaga

ART & GRAFT: Spectrum

Realização: Art & Graft (+)

“We were approached by Spectrum, a leading provider of autism services based in Cornwall, to produce a film that would allow people to learn more about the charity and how they treat autism and its associated behavioral disorders.

Told through the eyes of a service user the story follows the history of Spectrum, explains their progressive approach to caring for autism and outlines the charity’s ambitions for the future.

The film is part of our complete visual rebrand of Spectrum, including printed material, signage and digital presence.”

Ficha técnica:
Written, Produced, Directed & Designed: Art & Graft
Voice-Over: Flora Montgomery
Music & Sound Design: Zelig Sound
Client: Spectrum

Out of sight

Excelente animação.

“This is a graduation Production made by three students graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts.”

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