Bend the Rules

“Sport is more fun when you don’t obey the rules, or even the laws of physics. Sporting equipment is unleashed in this trailer for the VFX Festival, a celebration of competition and amazing visuals. This was created with Antar Walker and the talented team at MPC.”

Studio: MPC
Co-direction: Antar Walker
Audio: Zelig

See the process reel here:

Nike – White Hot

Directed by: BUCK
Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Producer: Jordan Howes
Associate Creative Director: Lucas Brooking
Head of CG: Doug Wilkinson
Art Director: Luke Saunders / James Owen

Make good things together – Google I/O 18

A story about the power of a community working together to make good things.

Directed by Fx Goby

Commissioned by Google
Creatives: Jack Colley, Thomas Manion
Creative Producer: Casey Lee
Producer: Karen Morris
Title: Make Good Things Together

Produced at Nexus Studios
Producer: Mariano Melman-Carrara, Kirsty Ratcliffe
Production Manager: Derek Walsh
Production Assistant: Lucy Caetano

Art Director: Melanie Climent
Designer: Jack Cunningham, James Castillo Murphy
Project Lead: Nico Domerego, Dorianne Fibleuil
Lead Animator: Lucas Vigroux
Lead Lighting: Darren Rolmanis
Lead VFX: Hugh Johnson
Lead Compositor: Ken Hau

Storyboard: Louis Kynd, Will Volley
3D Animation: Lucas Vigroux, Aziz Kocanaogullari, Fabrice Fiteni, Clement Fassler, Edwin Leeds, Remy Herisse, Simone Giampaolo, Ning-En Chang
2D Animation: Samantha Jones, Dani Bethel
Rigging: Kasper Larsson, Arthur Ranson
Modelling: Dorianne Fibleuil, Corentin Charron, Cesar Eiji-Nunes, Sébastien De Oliveira Bispo, Adam Lindsey, Arnold Pryada, Jerome Ferra, Eder De Souza
Texturing: Sophie Blayrat, Sébastien De Oliveira Bispo, Dorianne Fibleuil
VFX: Hugh Johnson, Paul Cousins, Gareth Bell, Guillaume Fradin
Lighting: Dorianne Fibleuil, Corentin Charron, Darren Rolmanis, Benoit Berthe, Adam Lindsey, Florian Caspar, Sébastien De Oliveira Bispo, Jerome Ferra, Cesar Eiji-Nunes, Paco Rocha, Arnold Pryada, Nicolas Morel.
Compositing: Valentin Panisset, Sarah Breakwell, Valerie Guichard, Clarisse Valeix, Lisa Mandelli, Jean-Baptiste Aziere, Bence Varga, Debora Sangermano, Gockcecan Gursoy
Art Department: James Castillo Murphy, Samuel Klughertz, Morgan Le Henry, Maxime Dupuy, Slawek Fedorczuk

Music: Vulfpeck ‘Animal Spirits’

Countdown Intro:
Director: Nicolas Ménard
Animators: James Turzynski, Pablo Lozano, Dani Bethel, Amanda Holm
Compositor: Daniel Romero
Music: Brains&Hunch

Editors: Dave Slade, James Alexander, Pablo Noe, Mark Van Heusden
Pipeline,Technical Director: Tom Melson, Patrick Hearn
IT Support/Systems: Ryan Cawthorne
Studio Manager: Natalie Busuttil
Assistant Studio Manager: Samira Tristani-Firouzi

Audio Post Production: Fonic
Dubbing Mixer and Sound Designer: JM Finch
Assistant Sound Editor: Rory Hunter
Foley recordist: Christopher Swaine
Foley Artist: Ruth Sullivan


A Collaboration Between Daniel Savage, Ambrose Yu, and Meister
Illustration and Art Direction: Daniel Savage
Produced by: Meister
Music and Sound: Ambrose Yu
Animation and Compositing: Po-Chen Chia, Benge Li, Christopher Mennuto, CJ Cook

Big Brother EYE Candies

Launching promo for the upcoming Big Brother TV show on Reshet Channel 13

Creative director : Koby Opinkaro
Art direction, Design, Concepts : Gili Comforty
Animation & Design, Concepts : Shay Goldberg
Good Vibes : Ben Naaman
Editor : Mook Broyde
After Effects : Ronen Shaya
Producer : Gal Vitner & Shirly Menashe
Sound : Kobi Chen

Thor Token / Brand Film

“Today cryptocurrency dominates our newspaper headlines, our coffee shop conversations, and our personal investments alike. The crypto paradigm seems to have taken over… and it also seems here to stay. Enter Thor Token: a San Francisco-based blockchain solution. Thor Token is one of the many revolutionary and niche-market crypto coins to emerge in the last twelve months or so – in this case, created for the ever-flourishing gig economy.”

Client: Thor
Direction, Design: Andrew Vucko
Additional Design: Jonas Elsgaard
Animation: Andrew Vucko, Arm Sattavorn
Sound Design: John Black
Composers: Tobias Norberg, John Black
Alt Voiceover: Michelle Falanga

Hendricks Gin, Escape

Agency: Quaker City Mercantile (QCM)
Account Director: Ali Sullivan
Creative Director: Jerry Stifelman
Creative Director: Ron Pushkar

Production: Strange Beast
Executive Producer: Kitty Turley
Producer: Zoe Muslim

Animation: Tulips and Chimneys
Director: Ree Treweek
Executive producer: Nina Pfeiffer
Storyboards: Marc Moyniham
Illustration: Ben Winfield, Carmen Ziervogel, Elise Wessels & Ree Treweek
Compositing/Animation: Janine van Schoor, Jannes Hendrickz & Shannon Taylor
Animation: Alexis Schofield
Compositing: Christian Venter

Sound: Honeymoon Studios

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