Material Manifesto

ECD: Rachel Been
EP: Brendan Pascoe

Design & Art Direction:
Derek Kim, Adam Grabowski

Lead Animation:
Adam Grabowski

Additional Animation:
Jonas Naimark

Sound Design: Antfood

‘Football, We Love You’ – an animation by Art of Football

“A love letter to Football. This stop motion football animation was handcrafted by Art of Football. It is made up of over 1600 drawings that bring to life iconc football moments and legends such as Messi, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Pirlo and Thierry Henry. If you like what you see please share, comment and subscribe. And make sure to check out our website to see more iconic football moments brought to life”

Nike – The Road To HBL

“Made with R/GA Shanghai and Final Frontier, “The Road To HBL” animation was crafted for an interactive experience “choose your own adventure” style, which allowed the user to build a personal story as a Nike’s High School Basketball League player.
210 seconds of animation was produced generating 700 possible combinations of storylines. “

Hospital de Amor “The Fall”

Client: Hospital de Amor

Agency: WMcCann, São Paulo
Chief Creative Officers: Hugo Rodrigues, André Marques
Creative Directors: Eiji Kozaka, Marcelo Conde
Creatives: Gustavo Cavinato, Francisco Oliveira, Eiji Kozaka, Marcelo Conde, Ian Hartz

Production: Zombie Studio
Film Director: Paulo Garcia
Client Service: Victoria Scaff, Leticia Baptista

Sound: Loud

Golf Pride – Complexity

“Showcasing seamless integration of intricate and beautiful photoreal CG & motion design with live action, Polynoid illustrates the symbiotic relationship between hands and technology in this elegantly detailed piece.”

by Woodblock

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