Client: Flying Screens Ltd
Director: GMUNK
Director of Photography: James Medcraft
Technical Director: Dave Green
Executive Producer: Bryn Williams
Executive Producer: Mark Calvert
Dancer: Zakiya
Animator / Editor: Peter Clark
Original Concept & Script: Zak Norman
Choreographer: Aaron Sillis
Producer: Mike Jones
Drone Engineering: Flying Screens
Scenic Lighting: Light Initiative
Assistant Producer: Byron McNally
1st Assistant Director: Tristan Hefele
Focus Puller (inc kit & prep): Danny Deighton
Loader (inc prep): Saskia Dedman
Steadicam: Matt Allsop
DIT: Sophie Baggaley
Gaffer: Dom Aronin
Desk Op: Tom Young
Spark: Dave Palmieri
Spark 2: Bobby Hankins
Grip 1: Brett Lamerton
Grip 2: Ben Freeman
Production Manager: Adam Morris
Fashion supplied by: Rok Hwang
Garment advisor: Anna Traut
Wardrobe: Rebekah Pledger
Make Up: Rebecca Barnes
Floor Management: Light Initiative
Drone Pilot: Dave Young
Drone Pilot: Dean Wynton
Drone Pilot: Mike Foyle
Drone Pilot: Ben Platts
Music: Bicep, ‘Glue’
Music Rights: BMG & Ninja Tune
Battery Charging Engineer: Martin Harvey
BTS Cinematography & Edit: Peter Clark
BTS Photography: Antonio Pagano
Health & Safety Advisor: Malcolm Pierce



Camp 2018 Titles by Buck

Director: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Emily Rickard
Creative Directors: Jenny Ko & Steve Day
Producers: David Guti Rosado & Kirsten Collabolletta
Design: Jerry Suh, Gunnar Petterson, Jenny Ko, Steve Day, Jigyu Yoon, Richard Gray, Cecilia Chang Lee, Chris Markland, Ren Chen, Rafael Araujo
Head of 2D Animation: Daniel Coutinho
Animation Lead: Nick Petley
Animation: Nick Petley, Junyi Xiao, Jake Armstrong, Stephen Loveluck, Juan Ricardo Hernandez, Rafael Araujo, Jose Peña, Ibrahim Zemheri, Fabian Molina, Scott Jonsson, Matt Everton, Sarah Blank, Jake Portman, Alex Bernas, Joe Brooks

Music by: Steve Day, Marc Steinberg, Andy Lyon
Vocal Stylings by: Marc Steinberg, Debora Cruchon, Steve Day, Nele Taylor, Daniel Rodrigues, Audrey Yeo
Background Vocals by: Emily Rickard, Alex Ceglia, Camily Tsai, Amelia Giller

Into The Flame – Official Trailer

Production: Hue&Cry
Writer/director: Sean McClintock
Executive Producer: Whitney Green
Senior Producer: Jeff Bybee
Concept Direction: Magnus Hierta
Design: Sean McClintock, Timo Prousalis, Diego Abad
Cel Animation: Timo Prousalis, Diego Abad, Lauren Cash, David Reyes
3D Animation: Paul Wei, Travis Schmidt, Ryan Musselman
Compositing: Travis Schmidt, Ryan Musselman, David Reyes, Paul Wei
Concept Design, Storyboarding: Matt Deans, Timo Prousalis, Sean McClintock, Diego Abad

LBS – The creative high school

“When we were asked to create this film for LBS, they also asked us to make something
never before seen in a promotional video about a Swedish high school. Something to
give the aspiring designers and programmers an idea of a new and exciting type of
education. We decided to basically do something we’d like to have seen ourselves
before choosing what school to attend. So naturally we went bananas.

The result ended up being music driven video with scenes and characters
representing each one of the existing courses to choose from.”

AHS Apocalypse Teaser

American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Season 8 – “Hourglass” Teaser

President, Marketing & Promotions, Multi-Platform Marketing – Stephanie Gibbons
EVP, Content & Editorial, Multi-platform Marketing – John Varvi
SVP, Motion & Digital Design – Steve Viola
VP, Motion Design – Amie Nguyen
VP, Production, Motion Design – Dara Barton

Concept Created By

Creative Directors – Steve Viola, Michael Parks, Amie Nguyen, Synderela Peng
Executive Producer – Dara Barton
Associate Producer – Mel Reeck
Visual Effects Supervisor – Michael Viscione
Modeling / Animation – Jamie Sawyer
VFX Artists – Michael Viscione, Jean Chiu, Ryan Coster
Pre-Visualization – Kay Park
Compositing – Jason Heinze, Ryan Hunnewell, Alex Yoon, John Kim, Michael Parks
Editorial – Michael Parks
Color – Steve Viola, Austin Wallender
Motion Design – Myung Yu, Julio Ferrario

Visual Effects By
> Seamless Sequence, Missile Silo, Gas Mask & Skull, Coffin & Incinerator

> Hourglass Sequences

> Blast & Mushroom Cloud

> Fig & Scorpions

> Birds & Window

Live-Action Production

Directed By – Steve Viola, Michael Parks
Director of Photography – Kevin Joelson
Producer – Rebecca Joelson
Camera – Marq Castagne
Production Design / Art Direction – Alessandro Marvelli

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