House Special and Method Get AT&T Back on the Track

Client: AT&T

Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer BBDO Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer BBDO New York: Greg Hahn
Group Executive Creative Director: Matt Macdonald
Executive Creative Directors: David Povill, David Cuccinello
Creative Directors: Kevin Mulroy, Dan Kenneally
Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Julie Collins
Executive Producer: Jessica Coccaro

Production: Furlined
Director: Dougal Wilson
President: Diane Mccarter
Vice President: Benjamin Davies
Senior Executive Producer: David Thorne
Line Producer: Karen O’brien
Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder
Production Designer: Jahmin Assa
Composer: Dougal Wilson

Stop Motion Animation: House Special
Executive Producer: Hammack
Creative Director: Kirk Kelley
Animation Director: Paul Harrod
Animation DP: John Nolan
Senior Producer: Rebecca Bowen
Project Coordinator: Casey Follen

VFX: Method Studios
Senior VFX Supervisor: Benjamin Walsh
Senior Producer: Pip Malone
CG Supervisor: Rus Brutsche
Comp Supervisor: Toma Bowen
Lead Flame: Ian Holland
Lead Animator: Tim Ranck
Lead FX: Vladislav Tushevskiy
Coordinator: Josephin Peichl

Editorial Company: Final Cut
Executive Producer: Suzy Ramirez
Producer: Ana Orrach, Jamie Lynn Perritt
Editor: Joe Guest
Assistant Editor: Zoe Schack

Color: MPC LA and London
Color Supervision: Jean Clement Soret
Colorists: Ricky Gausis & Matthieu Toullet
Color Producer: Leianna Campbell
Executive Producers: Meghan Lang, Ellora Chowdhury

Music: JSM Music
CEO/CCO: Joel Simon
Executive Producer: Jeff Fiorello
Composers: Nathan Kil/Joel Simon
Audio Finishing: Formosa
Mixer/Sound Designer: John Bolen
Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio


Capturing the Passion of Denice Frohman’s “Accents” for TED-Ed

Client: TED-Ed
Content Producer: Gerta Xhelo
Associate Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Special Thanks: Jessica Ruby

Writer/narrator: Denice Frohman

Production: KAPWA
Director: Robertino Zambrano
Animators: Robertino Zambrano, Jin Hien Lau, Bethany Levy, Derek Lau, Elsa Secco, Albert Hogeol Lee, William Pietsch

Sound: Bamm Bamm Wolfgang

36 Days of Type — An Animated Collaboration

Idea, Production & Animation — Albert Oriol
Original designers and illustrators
A —
B —
C —
D —
E —
F —
G —
H —
I —
J —
K —
L —
M —
N —
O —
P —
Q —
R —
S —
T —
U —
V —
W —
X —
Y —
Z —
0 —
1 —
2 —
3 —
4 —
5 —
6 —
7 —
8 —
9 —

Megaforce and Time Based Arts for Lacoste


Agency: BETC
ECD: Rémi Babinet
CD: Aurélie Scalabre, Olivier Aumard, Damien Bellon
Copywriter: Olivier Aumard
AD: Aurélie Scalabre, Jessica Fecteau
Producer: Fabrice Brovelli, Karim Naceur, Slim Trabelsi

Production: Iconoclast
Director: Megaforce
EP: Charlotte Marmion
Set Designer: Marco Puig

Post/VFX: Time Based Arts
VFX super: Josh Robinson
CD: Francois Roisin
Lead Flame: Thiago Dantas
3D: Francois Roisin, Federico Vanone, Mike Battcock, Sam Osbourne, Ben Cantor, David Loh, Fabrice Le Nezet, Federico Vanone, Gareth Bell, James Mann, James Spillman, Matt Evans, Stephen Murphy, Tom Di Stasio, Walter How, Zoe Sottiaux
Flame: Shel Gardner, Leo Weston, Adam Paterson, Jamie Crofts, Stephen Grasso, David Birkill, Matt Jackson
Nuke: Bernardo Varela, Grant White, Leandro Vazquez, Manolo Perez, Matt Shires, Will Robinson, Paul Sullivan
Grade: Lewis Crossfield

Music: Edith Piaf “L’Hymne à l’amour”

The Gang – Wholly Guacamole

Agency: BBDO San Francisco
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Miller
Senior Producer: Christina Hermann
Associate Creative Directors: Adam Balogh & Jason Moussalli

Production: Mill+
Director: Matt Darnall
Executive Producer: Brian Smego
Producer: Kate Ryan
VFX Production
VFX Production: The Mill
Executive Producer: Brian Smego
Producer: Kate Ryan

VFX Creative
VFX Creative: The Mill
2D Lead: Andrew Pellicer
CG Lead: Henning Koczy & Steve Eisenmann
2D Artists: Andrew Pellicer & Andy Chang
3D Artists: Henning Koczy, Mari Chung, Steve Eisenmann, Hubert Wozniak, Andrez Aguayo, Riyad Hasan, Todd Dufour, Matt Sackley, Ross Scroble, Adam Carroll, Vittal Kuntla, Sudhir Verma, Nole Murphy, Lamarcus Harvey & Dustin Tarr
Design: Jamie O’Hara, Tyler Scheitlin, Zach Landua, Adrian Navarro, Aran Quinn & Andrew Hague
Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Charlotte Carr & Al Benoit

Don’t Feed These Animals | Official Trailer

“NEBULA STUDIOS presents the story of an hungry lab bunny who accidentally gives life to his favourite food and now he needs to make unexpected alliances against a bigger threat!”

Story by Guilherme Afonso, José Alves da Silva, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas

Directed by Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl de Freitas

Produced by Nebula Studios

Music by Steve Rucker

Character voices by Beardyman

OFFF Moscow 2019 Main Titles by Filipe Carvalho

“OFFF takes place in the heart of Barcelona annually while it tours the world as OFFF on Tour for the rest of the year.

We were thrilled to bring back OFFF to the city of Moscow in Russia for the third edition where we asked award-winning motion designer and filmmaker Filipe Carvalho to create the official Main Titles of this year’s edition.

Filipe explored new techniques and showcased a deconstructionist look on our city life. Enjoy!”

By: Filipe Carvalho (
Music: Shervin Shaeri (

Slack // Frontiers Conference Intro (Director’s Cut)

Client: Slack
Directed by Giant Ant
Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Script: Jay Grandin
Storyboard & Concept Dev: Jay Grandin, Rafael Mayani, Eric Pautz, Shawn Hight, Conor Whelan, Diego Maclean
Design: Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin, Conor Whelan
Technical Direction: Matt James, Eric Pautz
3D Modelling: Eric Pautz, Shawn Hight, Diego Maclean, Will Brown, Matt James
2D Reference Animation: Jay Grandin, Conor Whelan
3D Animation: Matt James, Shawn Hight, Diego Maclean, Will Brown
Shading & Lighting: Matt James
Compositing: Eric Pautz, Matt James
Editing: Jay Grandin
VO Talent: Carly Walde
Music: Ambrose Yu
Sound Design: Ryland Haggis, Ambrose Yu


Client: Apple/Vodafone
Agency: Team Red Italy
Production Company: Akita Films
Director: Augusto Fraga
3D: Glimpse VFX

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