Pause Fest 2019 “Hinabi” by The Acid House

Direction: The Acid House
Story/creative direction: Pauline and Ivan Despi
Design/compositing: Ivan Despi
CG artists: Rod Tinapay, Gedrocks Roldan, Ivan Despi

Sound design: Reev Robledo
Music: Pauline Vicencio-Despi
Vocals: Anjeline de Dios


Pause 2019 Motion Response – Significant Otherness // Onesal

Produced by Onesal Japan
Creative Direction: Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin
Art Direction: Damian Sendin
Music and SFX: Mount Audio
Producer: Ailin Brunner
Project Manager: Lucia Gutkin
Animation and CG Artists: Nahuel Salcedo, Koji Obara, Mercedes Herrera, Damian Sendin

Offf vienna 2018 opening titles “Persistence”

“Pikdrei had the huge honor to take part in the first Offf-Vienna’s opening titles.
Nine semiotics for nine artists with total freedom to do what ever they want to do with them.
We got “persistence” and this is our result.

Big shoutout and thanks to Brokensound aka Tobias Neumann for the sound design (, as well as to Roland Sigmond ( and Andey Wölfl ( for the trust.
And of course, big thanks to the whole Offf-team!!!

If you want to see the full sequence by all artists, check this link:”

The Dream of Ink: UNHIDE Conference

“The Dream of Ink” is the official opening video of UNHIDE Conference, the first event focused on Digital Art in Brazil.

Production: Lightfarm Studios
Director/producer/VFX artist: Rafael Vallaperde
Original idea: Milton Menezes
Concept, Storyboard, Layout, animator and CGI generalist: Kawe de Sá
Animation: Viviane Rodrigues, Kawe de Sá
Concept art: Diego Barcelos, Giselle Almeida
Modeling: Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato
CGI Generalist: Rafael Moco, Marcelo Cabral, Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato, Rafael Vallaperde
Shading and Rendering: Diego Maricato, Thiago de Sul, Marcelo Cabral
VFX: Thiago Paladino, Rafael Moco, José Mauro Lobão, Rafael Vallaperde, Kawe de Sá, Johnny Farmfield, Mesrop Hovhannisyan aka MES
Rigging: Apolo Osornio, Danilo Pinheiro, Gabriel Valderramos, Glauber Belo, Isaac Buzzola, Matheus Alexandre

“Lore” Season 2 – Main Titles

Post Production
Design Studio: Elastic
Design Director: Duncan Elms
Designers: Mert Kizilay, Olga Midlenko, Heidi Berg, Felix Soletic, Raoul Marks
Compositors/Animators: Yongsub Song, Alex Silver
3D Artists: Jose Limon, Josh Dyer
Senior Producer: Paul Makowski
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Directors: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Director John Likens on “Deadpool 2” Opening Titles

Client: Marvel

Production: Method Studios
Director/designer: John Likens
Executive Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
Executive Producers: Angela Lupo, Adrienne Mitchell
Producer: Emily Schaeberle
VFX Supervisor: Gong Myung Lee
CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
Compositing Supervisor: Ryan Leonard
VFX Coordinator: Kristin Engdahl
VFX Artists: Ehsan Parizi, Ryan Hussain, Shawn Lipowski, Vraja Parra, Matthew Hackett, Goran Ognjanovic, Christoper DeVito, Frank Grecco III, Brian Dinoto, Sari Rodrig, Daniel Raschko, Irene Kim, Zachery Lewis, Urosh Otashevich
Pipeline Technical Director: Scott Aufderheide

Grade: Company 3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

CTA 2018 Conference opening

Client | Unbounce
Creative Direction | El diablo | Fede Maksimiuk
Art Direction | El diablo | Fede Maksimiuk
Design | Animation | Fede Maksimiuk
Music | Sound Design | Mix | Nico Maksimiuk

This is a promotional video that I made for CTA 2018 Conference by Unbounce in Vancouver, Canadá.
Full credits on my Behance profile soon.

OFFF Vienna 2018 Main Titles

Directed, designed and animated by

Andre Heiter
Bimo Wisaksono
Marco Fontan
Markus Hornof
Patrick Sturm

Music by
Karwan Marouf /

Lena Fankhauser-Campregherv

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