Vauxhall Cinderella

Client: Vauxhall

Agency: MRM – Mccann

Production: Lobo
Director: Gabriel Nobrega
Executive Assistant: Francisco Puech Leão
Producer: Ricardo Vaz, Eduardo Silva
Art Director: Felipe Jornada
Animation Director/Stop Motion Animator: Lee Peffer
Director of Photography: Lucas Andrés Barreto
CG Supervisor: Mauricio Lobel
Art Coordinator/Set Supervisor: Fabiana Fukui
3D Animatic: Rudi Gudi
Concept: Felipe Jornada
Modeling: Frederyco Martins, Bruno Saber
Leading Composition: Leandro Pena
Yeti/Hair: Marcelo Paskoa da Costa
Composition: Rafael Chiavegatti
Roto/Clean Up: Gassan Abdouni, Diego Ruiz
After Effects: Denis Milani Adriano
Look Dev/Render: Thiago Peretto
3D Animation: Daniel Bahia, Stefane
Animation Supervisor: Jerome Saravá
Rigging Supervisor: Leo Cardaval
Rigging: Henrique Ribeiro
Color: Leticia Blanco
Set Design: Borys Marques de Castro, Fabiana Fukui
Set Design Assistant: Natalia de Alcantara Vaz, Ligia Mie Jeon, José Paulo da Silva
Line Producer: Themistocles José da Silva Neto


Sipsmith Gin | We Make Gin Not Compromises

Client: Sipsmith Gin

Agency: Ogilvy U.K.
Executive Creative Director: Jules Chalkley
Creative Director: Giles Montgomery, Lotte Jeffs
Art Director: Ilka Mourao,
Copywriter: Jonny Durgan,
Producer: Oliver Featherman

Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Jeff Low
Producer: Kwok Yau
Animator: Tobias Fouracre

Models: Arch Model Studio

Grade: The Mill
Colorist: James Bamford
Producer: Nicole Duncan

Editorial: Work
Editor: Saam Hodivala

Audio: 750 Sound
Sound Engineer: Sam Robson

VO: Julian Barrett

Every Shirt Matters


A Studio Flox Film.

Client: Humany Tee in cooperation with Jugend Rettet e.V.
Written & directed by: Studio Flox
Producer: Annette Schneider
Voice talent: Rosie Burton
Recording: Jonathan Heidger, Hans-Peter Schumacher, EINSZWOSTUDIO (at 5ter Stock Medienproduktion)
Art direction: Maximilian Zenk, Florian Haßler
DP: Florian Haßler
Papercraft & Set-Design: Nica Herrmann
Stopmotion-animation: Maximilian Zenk, Florian Haßler
Rigging: Maximilian Zenk
Editor: Tobias Bosch
VFX & Compositing: Hartmut Ulmer
Modelling: Jens Pschierer
Lead-Motiondesign: Florian Stanger
Motiondesign: Marc Böttler, Gerd Böttler
Color Grading: Peter Hacker
Music: Markus Götze
Sounddesign: Jonathan Heidger, EINSZWOSTUDIO
Press kit: Denis Holzmüller
Set-photography: Eduardo Padilla Bruges

Special thanks to:
Marius Müller, Andreas Tesch, Benni Mack, Carolin Burton, Anna Zenk

Run for the Oceans – Adidas X Parley


Client: Adidas & Parley
Agency: TBWA Amsterdam

Director: Marco Spier
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Executive Producer: Shannon Alexander
Head of Production: Amy Fahl
Head of VFX: Christian Bach
R&D: Jonah Friedman
Producers: Dorian Douglass & Paul “Pizza” Pianezza
Technical Director: Pakorn Bupphavesa
2D Lead: Thomas Panayiotou
Designers: Donna Denison, Eric Schmidt, Pedro Lavin, Kyle Fewell, Samrath Kaur
Nuke Compositors: Carl Mok, Thao Dan Nguyen Pan, Thomas Panayiotou
Editors: Brett Nicoletti, Mike Hackett
Lighters: Oliver Castle, Alvin Bae, Chris Santoianni, Carl Mok, Thao Dan Nguyen Pan

Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Head of Production: Tania Baptista
Art Director: Stefan Falconer
Designers: Charles Bigeast, Nick Stoney
Lead Animator: Thom Eide
Animators: Tim Whiting, Eliot Ruocco-Trenouth
Production Assistant: Ana Hoxha

BBC World Cup 2018 “The Tapestry” by Nicos Livesey

Portfolio Head of Marketing: James Parry
Marketing Manager: John Sprott
Marketing Executive: Helen Worsey

Executive Creative Director: Aidan McClure
Exec Creative Director: Laurent Simon
Creative Director: Tim Jones
Creative Director: James Cross
Creative: Edward Usher
Creative: Xander Hart
Producer: Liz Dolan

Director: Nicos Livesey 
Producer: Alex Halley
Executive Producer: Bart Yates

Designer: Luke Carpenter
BBC Creative Head of Design: Laurence Honderick

Composer: Alex Baranowski
Vocals: Sir John Tomlinson

Sound Design & Mix: Mark Hills & Anthony Moore
Audio Producer: Lucy Spong

‘Football, We Love You’ – an animation by Art of Football

“A love letter to Football. This stop motion football animation was handcrafted by Art of Football. It is made up of over 1600 drawings that bring to life iconc football moments and legends such as Messi, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Pirlo and Thierry Henry. If you like what you see please share, comment and subscribe. And make sure to check out our website to see more iconic football moments brought to life”

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