LBS – The creative high school

“When we were asked to create this film for LBS, they also asked us to make something
never before seen in a promotional video about a Swedish high school. Something to
give the aspiring designers and programmers an idea of a new and exciting type of
education. We decided to basically do something we’d like to have seen ourselves
before choosing what school to attend. So naturally we went bananas.

The result ended up being music driven video with scenes and characters
representing each one of the existing courses to choose from.”

2018 AICP Sponsor Reel by Gentleman Scholar


Client: AICP

Production: Gentleman Scholar
Director: William Campbell
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
Line Producer: Caitlin Noll
Director of Photography: Tom Banks
Production Designer: Michael Broaddus
Stage: The Technicolor Experience Center

Design/Animation: Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
Art Director: Juan Carlos Cuadra
CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
Sr Producer: Kirsten Noll
Designers: Cristina Barna, Allan Bernardo, Ana Chang, Chris Finn, Cam Floyd, Trish Janovic, Macauley Johnson, Vin Kim, Kenny Kerut, Jina Kwon, Christina Liang, Michael Tavarez, Hana Yean, Jordan Lyle
2D Animators: Kenny Kerut
3D Animators: James Lane
3D Generalists: Allan Bernardo, Vin Kim, Jacques Clement
Dynamics/FX: Tim Hayward
Compositors: Matt Lavoy, Chris Russo, Michael Dobbs, Drew Huntley
Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy
Editor: Jason Webb

Telecine: The Mill
Colorist: Gregory Reese
Color Producer: Diane Valera

Music/Sound Design: Antfood
Executive Creative Director, Composer: Wilson Brown
Executive Producer: Sue Lee
Producer: Kevin Bryant
Sound Designer: Yuta Endo
Editor/Composer: J. Dalton Harts
Creative Technologist: Naoki Ishizuka
Composer/Sound Designer: Spencer Casey
Composer/Sound Designer: Bennett Eiferman
Composer: Pedro Botsaris
Vocalist, Producer: Mercedes Aviles
Alto Saxophone: Curtis MacDonald
Trumpet, Trombone and Tenor Saxophone: Will Bone

Material Manifesto

ECD: Rachel Been
EP: Brendan Pascoe

Design & Art Direction:
Derek Kim, Adam Grabowski

Lead Animation:
Adam Grabowski

Additional Animation:
Jonas Naimark

Sound Design: Antfood

Showreel TA\VO 2018

“Compilation of the most outstanding works of the studio in the last years, for clients like Samsung, Nike, AXN, Aljazeera, Awwwards, Art Director Club, Nissan, Inditex, Ballantines, Kiki Doll, AJ +, 36DayOfTypes, Beeta, Fubiz, Bleacher Report, Boing Channel.
Thanks to all the Clients and Agencies who trust on us.”
True Romance – Citizens (Gigamesh Remix)

Onesize anno 2012

“Dutch studio Onesize has been around since 2001, constantly delivering outstanding Motion Graphics work ever since. Now they’ve just wrapped up this electric 2012 Reel, precisely edited (as usual) and with quite a powerful intro. The dead-on soundtrack is from Echolab.”

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