Fremantle Rebrand

The new brand, created in collaboration with brand agency venturethree, represents the creative signature of the global Fremantle family. It has been designed to embody the passion and pride of the Fremantle creatives who make over 12,000 hours of original programming, 60 formats and 450 programmes every year worldwide.

Grant Dickson, Creative Director, venturethree said: “When we started working with Fremantle, we learnt that creativity was at the heart of everything they do. They don’t just want to do the best work, they want to be the ‘home’ for the best creative talent.

We wanted to capture that ambition with a brand identity that is human, brave and confident. Conceived as a creative signature, the new identity sits comfortably alongside cutting-edge content, reminding us of the quality and imagination of the people behind it.”


Client: SKAI TV
Production: NOMINT
Animation Studio: Yeti Pictures
Director: Tony Zagoraios
Creative Director: Christos Lefakis
Project Management: Marilena Vatseri, Nefeli Petika
Art Direction : Tony Zagoraios, Thanos Kagkalos. Chris Golfis
3D Supervision: Thanos Kagkalos
3D Lighting,Texturing,Rendering: Thanos Kagkalos
3D Animation: Melvin Le Riboter, Thanos Kagkalos
Original Music, Sound Design: Rabbeats Music
Special thanx goes to our friends Till Noon

SBS NetworkDesign 2018 REBRAND

on air : 2018.07

MainID Director : Eugene Lee
MainID Style frame : Eugene Lee, DUDU, Eunjin Jo
MainID Animation : Eugene Lee
EndTag : Eugene Lee
Design Elements : Eunjin Jo
Executive Producer : SBS Visual Communication Team
Producer : Mira Kim

Production : cobb studio

Twin Bar

For this project, we specifically extracted both “S” from the logo SBS and came up with the concept: Twin Bar.
By screening numerous incidents happening between the BARs, various types of happiness are visualized.
(Furthermore, trough multiple variations of TWIN BAR, the idea of SBS maintaining the traditional value while also showing its flexibility with the contents is shown)
Lastly, the twin bars are merged and rotates till they are linked to the logo of SBS.

TFX – Rebrand

“The idea was to create 3 different executions for each ID (60 in total) giving hints for the audience being inspired in pop / movie culture, like Star Wars, Back to the future, Kill Bill, Lichtenstein, Heavy Metal, Daft Punk, La La Land, Planet of the Apes, Zombies, among others.”

Client: TFX
Production: Superestudio

SyFy – Krypton Teaser

“On March 21, the SyFy channel released the premiere of their new tv show Krypton. This is a Superman prequel and story about his native planet. Resight team prepared full CG teaser for it.”

Client: Syfy
Production: Resight

Director: David Gidali
Art Director: David Gidali, Andrey Voytishin
Animation: Andrey Voytishin, Aleksandr Bondar, David Gidali
VFX: Andrey Voytishin
Modeling: Andrey Voytishin, Aleksandr Bondar, Vadim Kozlov
Texturing, Shading, Lighting: Andrey Voytishin
Rendering, Compositing: Andrey Voytishin

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