Bird “The Line Painter” by Not To Scale

Client: Bird
Head of Design: Pelun Chen
Creative Lead: David Jung
Producer: Kat Fergerson

Production: Not To Scale
Directors: BAT
Exec. Producer: Daniel O’Rourke
Producer: Edward Tull
Character Design: Margaux Rosiau
Strategy: Richard Hickey, Steve Turner, Emilien Crespo
Concept and Copy Writers: John Kahrs, Duncan Brantley, Richard Hickey, Daniel O’Rourke, BAT, David Jung
Line Producer: Pedro Lino
Head of CG: Mario Ucci, Rick Thiele
CG Supervisor: Clarisse Valeix
Lead 3D Animators: Fabrice Fiteni, Simone Giampaolo
3D Animators: Daniel Meitin Roca, Edwin Leeds, Francesca Salvatore, Krissy Josephides
2D Animation: Phil Askins
Texturing, Lighting & Rendering: Jean Baptiste Aziere, Jeremy Cissé, Victor Trovato
Compositing: Agathe Trebos, Antoine Foulot, Jean Baptiste Aziere, Jeremy Cissé, Jorge Mazariegos
Modeling: Felipe Bassi, Jose Linares
Rigging: Kipp Case
Assistant Modelling & Rigging: Noémie Halberstam
Matte Painting: Clement Danveau
Animation Studio Support: c/o Red Knuckles
Music Composition and Mix: Will Ward at Adelphoi
Producer: Jeremy Newton at Adelphoi
Colorist: Duncan Russell at Freefolk

Great Western Adventure – ‘Five & The Missing Jewels’

Director: Pete Candeland
Editor: Brian Raess

Technical Director: Neil Riley
Executive Producer:Ryan Goodwin-Smith, Belinda Blacklock
Producer: Sian Jenkins, Adriana Wong
Production Assistant: Maryam Anibaba
Production Intern: Jacquelyn Daum
Print Producers: Maryam Anibaba, Jen Coatsworth, Orlaith Turner

Painting Practice

Kristian Antonelli

Yohann Auroux

Producer: Sian Jenkins, Adriana Wong
2D Lead: Taran Spear
2D Compositors: Alex Prod’Homme, Courtney Pryce, Max van Leeuwen, Tom Humphrey
Lead Animators: Paul Tempelman, Steve Beck
2D Animators: Daryl Graham, Tim Sanpher, Eleonora Quario
CG Leads: Annie Rowland, Sergio Morales Paz
CG Artists: Joffrey Zeitouni, Lou Thomas, Paco Rocha, Stephane Renaldi,
Borja Massa, Dana DiGioia, Joao Pires, Ashley Anderson, Gregory Martin,
Daniel Rico, Hillary McCarthy, Kimon Matara, Interference Pattern
Colourist: Lewis Crossfield

Cartoon Network “Stop Bullying, Speak Up” Series

Client: Cartoon Network

Director: Giant Ant
Producer: Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin

Storyboard: Jay Quercia
Illustration: Jay Quercia
Animation: Conor Whelan, Josh Parker, Melisa Farina

Storyboard: Conor Whelan
Illustration Supervision: Rafael Mayani
Illustration: Genice Chan
Animation: Taylor Peters, Ben Ommundson

Storyboard: Conor Whelan
Illustration Supervision: Rafael Mayani
Illustration: Tim Mack
Animation: Henrique Barone

Into The Flame – Official Trailer

Production: Hue&Cry
Writer/director: Sean McClintock
Executive Producer: Whitney Green
Senior Producer: Jeff Bybee
Concept Direction: Magnus Hierta
Design: Sean McClintock, Timo Prousalis, Diego Abad
Cel Animation: Timo Prousalis, Diego Abad, Lauren Cash, David Reyes
3D Animation: Paul Wei, Travis Schmidt, Ryan Musselman
Compositing: Travis Schmidt, Ryan Musselman, David Reyes, Paul Wei
Concept Design, Storyboarding: Matt Deans, Timo Prousalis, Sean McClintock, Diego Abad

De La Soul “Whoodeeni Feat 2 Chainz” by Kristian Mercado

Director: Kristian Mercado
Creative Director: Brandon Hixon

Production: DeTuco
Script: Sawa, Kristian Mercado, Brandon Hixon
Art Direction: Sawa
Character Design: Sawa, Evelin Unfer
Storyboard: Sawa, Evelin Unfer
3D Supervision: Mariano De Apellaniz, Flavio Bianchi
3D Modelling: Mariano De Apellaniz, Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
Rigs: Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
Shading/Texture/Lighting: Mariano De Apellaniz, Nico Sparnocchia
3D Animation: Pablo Lorenzo, Ignacio Fina, Gabriel Firu Sabsay, Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
3D simulation: Esteban De Bonis
Edit & Compo: Claudio Langsam, Fernando Sawa
Prelim Design: Kristian Mercado
Producer: Valentín Alen
Executive Producer: Cecilia Di Tirro

Final Edit: Micheal Reuter

Additional 3D support: Fustic. Studio – Trung Bao, Hai Doan, Nam Le
3D artists: David Manzo, Jason Guerrero
2D Animation: Zach Lydon
SFX 2D animation: Tyler Dibiasio

Adobe Live – Getting Started

Adobe Live: Getting Started

In this quick and playful show-open an artist’s imagination twists a dull pencil into a Falcon Heavy – ready for lift off, bound for the deep spaces of the mind.

Client: Adobe Live

Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney

Art Direction: Jay Quercia
Design: Jay Quercia, Sofie Lee

Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman, Tyler Morgan
2d Animation: CJ Cook, Chris Kelly, Tyler Morgan, Jon Riedell

CG Lead: Adam Floeck
Modeling: Garrett Pond, Chris Guyot
Rigging & 3d Animation: Adam Floeck
Surfacing & Lighting: Mikey Rogers
Compositing: Chris Kelly, CJ Cook
Music and Sound: CypherAudio

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