The Renter

Ficha técnica:

Director: Jason Carpenter

Winner – Grand Prize, Best Student Animation – Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival, 2011
Winner – Grand Prix – Cinanima, 2011
Winner – Special Jury Prize – Bradford Animation Festival, 2011
Winner – Grand Prize, Best Animated Short – Atlanta Film Festival, 2011
Nominee – Best Animated Short – 38th Annual Annie Awards

New Sum – Hey Rosetta!

Realizado por: Jesse Davidge (+).

“A surreal animated music video for Hey Rosetta! off their album ‘Seeds’.”

Ficha Técnica:

Director: Jesse Davidge
Producers: Jon Busby, Jesse Davidge
Videographer: Chad Jones
Art Director: Craig Laviolette
Grip: Sean Shaul

Dan MacGregor
Brad Gibson
Jesse Cote
Pat Dufresne
Brent Bouchard
Thom Mckenna
Tahlia Ollenberger
Anita DeKok
Jon DeKok
Svend Gregori
Alison Koch
Tim Stuby
Leo Ito
Kengo Ito
Mike Mullen
Keith Wilson
Daniel Dinnendahl
Tzanko Tchangov
Chad Jones

Compositing and VFX: Blatant Studios

Copyright Sonic Records Ltd. 2012

Royale Showreel Fall 2011

Grande produtora: design. motion. animation


“An updated reel hot off the press of Muscle’s edit station.
We have a bunch of juicy new work begging for their moment in the montage, and you’ll find fresh bits sprinkled throughout.

Big thanks to the exceptionally talented and fun, Robert Randolph & the Family Band for their track, “Aint Nothin’ Wrong with That”.”


Excelente ilustração, animação e textura!

Directed by:  Chris Allen (Graduate film from ‘Arts University College of Bournemouth.’ )

Based on my Grandad’s memory of an incident during the war
Grandad: “Everything we have ever done or been involved in, is there in our memory somewhere, all you need is a trigger”.

Ficha técnica:

Director: Chris Allen
Co-Director: Tara Baker
Animation: Chris Allen, Tara Baker, David Abiose, Tim Grant, Lizzie Sevenoaks, Benjamin Riehl, Paul Knight
Editor: Raquel O.Couceiro
Composer: Kirstie Hewlett
Sound Design: Krishnan Subramanian

–Watercolour, Stopmotion Pro, Traditional Drawn
Animation, ToonBOOM, Photoshop and After Effects–

Keloid Trailer – A Short Film by BLR

Artificial Inteligence.

Ficha técnica:

A Short Film by Big Lazy Robot VFX

BLR are:

– Hugo Bermúdez
– Juan Civera
– David Cordero
– Alex Martin
– J.J Palomo
– Leopoldo Palomo

Concept Art : Aaron Beck, Greg Broadmore and BLR

Sound : Carlos Roman Rubio

Russian Voice Over : Gene Vengerov-Markmann

Music : Machine Gun (AMON TOBIN Remix) by NOISIA

Decisions we make

Realizador:Camille Marotte (bio. 26 anos, vive em Paris, motion-designer, é actualmente director na Tempesta Productions) +.

Ficha técnica:

Editing/Grading : After Effects
Camera : Canon 5D Mk II
Lenses : Zeiss CP2 (35-50-85mm) Canon 100mm 2.8 IS
Main Actors : Frédérick Guillaud // Jin-Jin
Music : Hans Zimmer – Time
Version : Director’s cut

The Foundry Showreel 2011

A huge thank you to all our lovely customers for contributing their work.

Realização: The Foundry – is a world-leading innovator of visual effects and image processing technologies that boost productivity in motion picture and video post production -.

Droid Razr “Payload” – Verizon Commercial

Bastante forte tanto em acção como em fotografia.

Realização: Noam Murro (bio.  August 16, 1961 em Jerusalem, Israel)  +

Ficha técnica:

Agencia: McGarryBowen

Produção: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Noam Murro

VFX: Method

Audio: Finger Music & Sound Design

Realização: Noam Murro (bio.  August 16, 1961 em Jerusalem, Israel)  +

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