The Depths of the Barely Visible

Created by David Stanfield + Matt Smithson
Written by David Stanfield
Music + Sound Design by Matt Stanfield
Narrated by Josef-Israel



Shared Memories 001.

visuals – Benjamin Bardou & Ash Thorp
music – Disasterpeace

Shared Memories is a collaboration of two artists, Benjamin Bardou and Ash Thorp, exploring the synergy between film and volumetric camera projection into the realm of Impressionism.

Nike – White Hot

Directed by: BUCK
Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Producer: Jordan Howes
Associate Creative Director: Lucas Brooking
Head of CG: Doug Wilkinson
Art Director: Luke Saunders / James Owen

FENDI – Jungle Futurism – D.C.

director: Dario Imbrogno
dop: Patrizio Sacco
set designer: Carlo Cossignani
first set designer assistant: Linda Vallone
post production: Emilio Sapia
set design assistants: Sara Irace , Chiara de Rota, Daniele Cocco
Animation: dario imbrogno e Stefania Demicheli
dop assistant: Paolo Digiacomo
music and soundesign: Enrico Ascoli
H.production: Withstand Film

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