Showreel TA\VO 2018

“Compilation of the most outstanding works of the studio in the last years, for clients like Samsung, Nike, AXN, Aljazeera, Awwwards, Art Director Club, Nissan, Inditex, Ballantines, Kiki Doll, AJ +, 36DayOfTypes, Beeta, Fubiz, Bleacher Report, Boing Channel.
Thanks to all the Clients and Agencies who trust on us.”
True Romance – Citizens (Gigamesh Remix)

Royale Showreel Fall 2011

Grande produtora: design. motion. animation


“An updated reel hot off the press of Muscle’s edit station.
We have a bunch of juicy new work begging for their moment in the montage, and you’ll find fresh bits sprinkled throughout.

Big thanks to the exceptionally talented and fun, Robert Randolph & the Family Band for their track, “Aint Nothin’ Wrong with That”.”

RebusFarm – Renders Online

Empresa de renders


A REBUS é uma empresa de “renderização” que fornece 334 estações de trabalho para tornar possíveis animações e imagens 3D .
Não importa qual o software 3D que utilizamos porque suporta todos os tipos de software. O que em nossa casa demoraria 2 horas a render, através deste sistema, poderá demorar 2min.

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