Deloitte “At the Beginning of Everything” by Onesal

Client: Deloitte
Agency: Deloitte Digital

Production/direction: Onesal Japan
Director: Nahuel Salcedo
Chief producer: Ailin Brunner
Producer: Lucia Gutkin
Art director: Damian Sendin
Animation director: Damian Stricker
Design/animation: Damian Stricker, Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin, Martin Salfity, Juan Coria, Kana Terao, Koji Obara, Tomo Beddie, David Kvien

Sound design: Andrea Damiano

Making It – Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler Art & Crafting Show

“Making it” – Ignition
Client: NBC
NBC Digital Project Manager: Emily Epstein
NBC Digital Creative Director: Nisha Carthunjarearn
Animation Studio: Mosomos Industries
Director: Mathew Amonson
Director of Photography: Bil Thompson
Producer: Mathew Amonson
Production Coordinator: Ai Ito
Camera & Lighting Tech: Ryan Paul Smith
Motion Control Operators: Mathew Amonson, Bil Thompson
Story Board Artist: Julia Liu
Animatic: Bil Thompson
Electromechanical Designer: Brian Haimes
Designers: Julia Liu, Hillary Barton, Josh Mahan
Stop Motion Animator: Josh Mahan
Stop Motion Rigging: Josh Mahan
Lead Art Crew: Hillary Barton, Josh Mahan, Brian Haimes, Melissa Chow
Art Crew: Bil Thompson, Kelsey Brewer, Gates Callanan, Luke Alexander
Production Assistant: Luke Alexander
Talent: John Bega, Kelsey Brewer, Gates Callanan, Hillary Barton,
Post Artists: Peter Fink, Ted Wiggin, Mathew Amonson
Colorist: Mathew Amonson
Composer: Kenny Kusiak
Writer: Mathew Amonson
Stage & Lighting: Mosomos Industries
Motion Control: Mosomos Industries
Additional Motion Control: Fixture Films

Casino Branding 2018

“An online casino brand animation to feature its variety of games like slot machines, coin tokens, playing cards and a live streaming host all under the same platform.”

Direction: Carbon
Design, Animation: Kachi Chan

Universal TV Rebrand 2018

Chief Marketing Officer: Lee Raftery (NBCUniversal International)
SVP Global Creative: Marco Giusti (NBCUniversal International)

Design Director: Chloe Brooks (Clomotion)
Design Director: Sam Harvey (Sam Harvey Creative)

Production Manager: Radka Mincheva (NBCUniversal International Networks)
Production Manager: Clare Donaldson (NBCUniversal International Networks)

Brand Conceptualisation: Red Bee Creative
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Mawer
Creative Director: Jane Fielder

Idents VFX: Future Deluxe
Audio: Zelig Sound

Reel Tracks: Olly Anna – I Got That & Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky

Showreel TA\VO 2018

“Compilation of the most outstanding works of the studio in the last years, for clients like Samsung, Nike, AXN, Aljazeera, Awwwards, Art Director Club, Nissan, Inditex, Ballantines, Kiki Doll, AJ +, 36DayOfTypes, Beeta, Fubiz, Bleacher Report, Boing Channel.
Thanks to all the Clients and Agencies who trust on us.”
True Romance – Citizens (Gigamesh Remix)

Cartoon Network – 25 Years

Gabriel Fermanelli

Executive Producer:
Gustavo Karam
JuanMa Freire

Juliana Millán

Art Director:
Gastón Pacheco

Gastón Pacheco
Martín Vinograd
Delfina Perez Adán
Juan Barabani
Juan Pez
Blás Rodriguez
Leandro Chamán
Florencia Tasso

Diego de Rose
Valentina Candia
Alejandro Briganti
Melisa Farina

Cintia Czeszczewik
Alejandro Briganti
Valentina Candia
Melisa Farina
Natalia Bedrossian
Kate Pryor
Franco Pelliciaro
Ana Artaza
Juan Pablo Barbieri

Animation Clean up:
Julieta Culacciati
Giorgio Gore
Franco Pelliciaro
Ana Artaza
Kate Pryor
Yas Hanna
Facundo Lopez
Facundo García
Agostina Salvemini
Florentina Gonzalez
Guadalupe Marimorena Florez Cortez
Luis Cantiani
Mariano del Franco

Vicente Ziegler
Jardeson Rocha

Music & Sound Design:
Cachorro Loco

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