Maxmat – A Fábrica dos Preços Imbatíveis

Maxmat trusted us to produce and direct a brand new spot: “A Fábrica dos Preços Imbatíveis”. How on earth can Maxmat deliver such low prices? A massive, highly detailed 3D world with a beautiful factory of items and prices, just behind the shelves! Enjoy the ride as we follow Max and Mat in another dynamic 3D animation!

Full Credits:
Client: Maxmat
Agency: Lola Normajean
Executive Producer: João Marcos Marchante
Production Director: Liliana Ramires
Account: Ana Fino
Project Management: Ana Fino, Guilherme Afonso
Directors: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
DOP: Duarte Domingos
Edit: Guilherme Afonso
Concepts/Storyboard: Diogo Rodrigues, Wanchana Intrasombat
2D animation: Afonso Amaro, Guilherme Afonso
Modeling: Afonso Amaro, Diogo Rodrigues, João Jacinto, João Sousa
Rigging: Antonio Coquito, Sebastião Lopes
Character Animation: Manel Bello, RiK GODDARD Animation, Sebastião Lopes, Teresa Cruz
Technical Animation: Afonso Amaro, João Jacinto, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Scene Assembly: Afonso Amaro, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Shading: Afonso Amaro, João Jacinto, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Lighting & Rendering: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Compositing: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Sound: Som de Lisboa


Creative Direction: Ilenia Notarangelo
Illustration Lead: Arianna Cristiano
Animation Lead: Laurentiu Lunic
Character Design: Sofia Buti
Animation: David Cubitt

Agency: Yes& — Creative Direction: David Stone
Sound Design: YouTooCanWoo

Eminem – Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Director/Writer/Editor: Cole Bennett

VFX: Scissor Films
VFX Supervisor: Sam Malko
VFX Producer: Joe Grayem
DOP: Taylor Randall
Steadicam: Renard Cheren
Executive Producer: Paul Rosenberg, Salvatore Tarantino
Producer: Kathy Angstadt, Jay Tauzin
Line Producer: Krista Worby
Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch, 7th Light Entertainment
Production Designer: Cody Fusina
Art Director: Rashi Jean
Production Manager: Henri Coleman
Key Wardrobe: Dawn Boonyachlito & Angela McBride
Key Groomer: Michelle Willis
Background Wardrobe: Rasheeda Ameera
Background Casting: Mill Ticket Entertainment
Assistant Director: Bashir Taylor, Kelo Thompson
Product Graphic Design: George Hammond & Jake Brode
Supervising Producer: Jake Wilson, Bernard “Buru” Niyonzima

Special Guest: Mike Tyson, Dr Dre


A newly explored place where bugs can be bugs. Thesis for Ringling College of Art + Design.

Direction, Design, Animation, Fabrication, SFX – Doug Alberts

Song – La Puerta by Frankie Reyes

Special Thanks – Peter Alfano, Joe Donaldson, David Brodeur, Morgan Williams, Nora Gafney, Jared Greenleaf, Dante Rinaldi, Jill Taffet, Ed Cheetham.

“Hunters” Main Titles

Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Jeff Han
Lead Animator/Compositor: Yongsub Song
Designers: Min Shi, Gryun Kim, Jean Hwang
Animators: Gryun Kim, Aziz Dosmetov, Alex Silver
Modelers: Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Andrew Wilson, Colton Smrz, Mike Dupree, Christopher Nolan
Editor: Rachel Fowler
Storyboards: Lance LeBlanc
Production Coordinator: Mitchell Fraser
Producer: Michael Ross
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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