Christmas 2020 | Inner Child | #ReindeerReady

Client: McDonalds

Agency: Leo Burnett
Producer: Graeme Light
Creatives: Steph Ellis And Rory Hall
Executive Creative Directors: Chaka Sobhani

Production: Passion Pictures
Director: Againstallodds
Executive Producers: Debbie Crosscup
Head Of Production: Mike Turoff
Producer: Matt Saxton
Production Assistant: Honor Martin, Nefeli Petika
CG Coordinators: Emma Rider
Head Of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Supervisor: Stuart Hall

Mercury’s Retrograde

A millennial is looking for her magic 8 ball inside her unconsciousness.

Director, animator, writer: Zohar Dvir
Voices: Amy Toledano, Alexia Charoud, Christian Pecher, Hugo Charoud
Sound Design: Alexia Charoud
Royal College of Art | 2020

UK Student Award 2020 – Encounters Film Festival

Festival Screenings
2021 London Short Film Festival
2020 London International Animation Festival
2020 Encounters Film Festival 

OPPO Breeno

Client: OPPO
Production: Flatwhite Motion
Executive Producer: Alice
Creative Direction: Max
Animation: Max, Fafa, 宋小帅
Design: Gina
Musica&Sound Design: Aimar Molero

Twilio – Trusted Commmunications


Creative Direction: Jorge R. Canedo E.

Concept Development: Haewon Shin

Design: Nuria Boj, Grace Pedersen

Animation Lead: Greg Stewart

2D Animation: Mathijs Luijten, Victor Silva, Francisco M. Quiles N., Jonas Elsgaard, Manuel Neto, Greg Stewart

3D Animation: Jonas Elsgaard, Nicholas Ferreira

Music & SFX: Ambrose Yu

Production: Stefan Green

Script: Julie Rybarczyk

VO: Megan Hensley

PlayStation 5 – Play Has No Limits

Client: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Agency: adam&eveDDB
CCO: Richard Brim
ECD: Ant Nelson, Mike Sutherland
Creative: Clarissa Dale, John Trainer-Tobin
Producer: Nikki Cramphorn, Jack Bayley
Assistant producer: Clio McLeary
Designer: Rhys Martin
Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Dan DiFelice
Producer: Cathy Green
MD/EP: Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
PM: Gabija Lauce
VFX/post: Time Based Arts

The Rough Cut

Creative by Coat of Arms
Creative Direction by Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Design Direction by Ryan Butterworth
Written by Clara Lehmann
Edited by Jonathan Lacocque
Sound Design & Mix by Sarah Krohn
Title card design by Dennis Hoogstad & Ryan Butterworth

Maxmat – A Fábrica dos Preços Imbatíveis

Maxmat trusted us to produce and direct a brand new spot: “A Fábrica dos Preços Imbatíveis”. How on earth can Maxmat deliver such low prices? A massive, highly detailed 3D world with a beautiful factory of items and prices, just behind the shelves! Enjoy the ride as we follow Max and Mat in another dynamic 3D animation!

Full Credits:
Client: Maxmat
Agency: Lola Normajean
Executive Producer: João Marcos Marchante
Production Director: Liliana Ramires
Account: Ana Fino
Project Management: Ana Fino, Guilherme Afonso
Directors: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
DOP: Duarte Domingos
Edit: Guilherme Afonso
Concepts/Storyboard: Diogo Rodrigues, Wanchana Intrasombat
2D animation: Afonso Amaro, Guilherme Afonso
Modeling: Afonso Amaro, Diogo Rodrigues, João Jacinto, João Sousa
Rigging: Antonio Coquito, Sebastião Lopes
Character Animation: Manel Bello, RiK GODDARD Animation, Sebastião Lopes, Teresa Cruz
Technical Animation: Afonso Amaro, João Jacinto, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Scene Assembly: Afonso Amaro, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Shading: Afonso Amaro, João Jacinto, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Lighting & Rendering: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Compositing: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Sound: Som de Lisboa

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