With the german brand Fazua, I created this abstract and modern video to visualize the main features of their e-bike engine. It is super light, it fits in many different setups and at the speed of 25km/h the engine disconnects from the bike, which let’s you easily continue paddling with higher speeds. Even though I had only two weeks for the whole clip, I quite much like the result, because the client was trusting me and did give me a whole creative freedom.

– Direction: Vincent Schwenk
– Animation Assistant: Alex Schlegel, Alexander Trattler
– Sounddesign: Jürgen Branz
– CAD conversion: Ronny Schmidt
– Client: Fazua

NYT : The Interpreter — Montage

“New York Times reached out to me to help them create their 2nd installment of The Interpreter — “National Identity Is Made Up”. The episode explores the origins of national identity and how it helped shape our modern societies. Interesting topic and a nice break from advertising and broadcast.

Role — Design, Animation
Full episode can be seen here — nytimes.com/video/The-Interpreter “


Direction: Nikita Diakur & Redbear Easterman
Music: Enrica Sciandrone, Cédric Dekowski, Felix Reifenberg
Recording, Mix, Sound Design: Nicolas Martigne, David Kamp / studiokamp
Mastering: Bernd Thurig
Animation Assistance: Gerhard Funk, Phil Maron, Nicolas Trotignon
End Titles: Bastian J. Schiffer
Assets & FX: Ozan Korkut, Chris Lühning, Mitch Martinez from mitchmartinez.com, Julia Merkschien, Hannes Raff
Associate Producer: Amid Amidi
Production Funding Liaison: Karsten Matern
Made with support of 206 backers at kickstart.ugly-film.com,
FFA, Cartoon Brew, Maxon Computer, Insydium ltd, RebusFarm, Google Zync

Buck Says Hello to Halo for Bankwest

Agency: Union
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Nagy
Executive Creative Directors: Derek Green & Rob Martin Murphy
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Hankin
Senior Creative Director: Andy Cooke
Senior Art Director: Paris Giannakis
Copywriter: Chris Johnson
Producers: Samantha Daley & Lauren Billingham

Production: Hogarth & The Brand Agency

Animation: Buck

Making It – Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler Art & Crafting Show

“Making it” – Promo
Client: NBC
Animation Studio: Mosomos Industries
Director: Mathew Amonson
Director of Photography: Bil Thompson
Producer: Mathew Amonson
Production Coordinator: Ai Ito
Camera & Lighting Tech: Ryan Paul Smith
Motion Control Operators: Mathew Amonson, Bil Thompson
Story Board Artist: Julia Liu
Animatic: Bil Thompson
Electromechanical Designer: Brian Haimes
Designers: Julia Liu, Hillary Barton, Josh Mahan
Stop Motion Animator: Josh Mahan
Stop Motion Rigging: Josh Mahan
Lead Art Crew: Hillary Barton, Josh Mahan, Brian Haimes, Melissa Chow
Art Crew: Bil Thompson, Kelsey Brewer, Gates Callanan, Luke Alexander
Production Assistant: Luke Alexander
Talent: John Bega, Kelsey Brewer, Gates Callanan, Hillary Barton,
Post Artists: Peter Fink, Ted Wiggin, Mathew Amonson
Colorist: Mathew Amonson
Composer: Kenny Kusiak
Writer: Mathew Amonson
Stage & Lighting: Mosomos Industries
Motion Control: Mosomos Industries
Additional Motion Control: Fixture Films


Design/animation: Aishwarya Sadasivan
Music: Ashwin Srinivas
Voice Over: Kiara R
Faculty Advisor: Kelly Carlton
Special Thanks: MOME Professors, Akhila Johny, Sampreet Kishan, Terra Preston, Kelsey Gloria, Sunny Yazdani, friends, family

World Cup ‘2018’

Design/Animation: Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson, Chace Hartman
Executive Producers: Jo Arghiris, Christina Roldan
Heads of Production: Tyler Locke, Ryan McLaughlin
Art Directors: Macauley Johnson, Chris Finn
CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
Coordinator: Kev Jones
Designers: Juan Carlos Cuadra, Cristina Barna, Cam Floyd, Hana Eunjin Yean, Trish Janovic, Jina Kwon, Mike Tavarez, Vin Kim, Ana Chang
2D Animators: Kenny Kerut
Cel Animators: Laura Yilmaz, Matt Everton, Lyuben Dimitrov, Cristina Barna, Jina Kwon
3D Animator: James Lane
3D Generalist: Allan Bernardo
Model / Texture Artist: Jacques Clement

Music & Sound Design: James Webb

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