MPC Opens Semi-Permanent 2018 in Auckland

Client: Semi Permanent (Auckland)
Director: Simon Velvin

Production: MPC Creative
Director: Marc Smith
Executive Producer: Nick Haynes
Producers: Lindsey Krehel & Chris Connolly
Bangalore Line Producer: Sanchit Soi
Bangalore Production Coordinator: Salil Thapa
Storyboards/illustrations: Roger Hom, Tyler Gibb
Motion Design: Adam Rozanski
CG Lead/VFX Supervisor: Chris Bernier
Bangalore CG Supervisor: Mark Robinson
Modeling: Jemmy Molero
Rigging: Wesley Schneider
Animation: Mike Lombardo, Grae Revell, Madeline Jackson, Jacob Fradkin, D. Venkatesan, Shiny Rajan, Debasish Raha
Lighting/lookdev: Chris Bernier, Roberto Maki, Lucy Choi, Vadim Turchin, Chris Ribar, Francisco Fraga, Monica Manalo, Ashley Yee, Mike Lombardo
FX: Helen Kwok
2D Lead: Tobey Lindbäck
Bangalore 2D supervisor: Rashabh Bhutani
Compositors – Tobey Lindbäck, Giulia Bartra, Renato Carone, Mazyar Sharifian, Abhilash Aravindakshan, Dilshad Alam, Rajinikanth R., Geetesh Tari, Yashvardham Jain

Music/sound: Nylon Studios
Creative Director/Composer: Zac Colwell
Sound Designer: Stuart St Vincent Welch, Dave Robertson

De La Soul “Whoodeeni Feat 2 Chainz” by Kristian Mercado

Director: Kristian Mercado
Creative Director: Brandon Hixon

Production: DeTuco
Script: Sawa, Kristian Mercado, Brandon Hixon
Art Direction: Sawa
Character Design: Sawa, Evelin Unfer
Storyboard: Sawa, Evelin Unfer
3D Supervision: Mariano De Apellaniz, Flavio Bianchi
3D Modelling: Mariano De Apellaniz, Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
Rigs: Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
Shading/Texture/Lighting: Mariano De Apellaniz, Nico Sparnocchia
3D Animation: Pablo Lorenzo, Ignacio Fina, Gabriel Firu Sabsay, Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
3D simulation: Esteban De Bonis
Edit & Compo: Claudio Langsam, Fernando Sawa
Prelim Design: Kristian Mercado
Producer: Valentín Alen
Executive Producer: Cecilia Di Tirro

Final Edit: Micheal Reuter

Additional 3D support: Fustic. Studio – Trung Bao, Hai Doan, Nam Le
3D artists: David Manzo, Jason Guerrero
2D Animation: Zach Lydon
SFX 2D animation: Tyler Dibiasio

The Fox Sports Experience

“The Fox Sports Experience is channel ident for the Premier Media Group.
After winning the pitch with a concept based on a pod that becomes the best seat in the house at a massive sports stadium, we developed a huge futuristic city and rail network that the pods race along to get to the event.”

Director – Finn Spencer
Post Production – Digital Pictures
Executive Producer – Alastair Stephen
Senior Producer – Simone Clow
VFX Supervisor/2D Lead – Angus Wilson
2D VFX Artist – Bertrand Polivka
3D VFX Lead: Kanin Phemayothin
3D VFX Conceptual Artist – Nick Kaloterakis
3D VFX Artists – Peter Kober, Ferry Taswin
AFX – Dan Balzer
Colorist – Marcus Timpson
Editor – Cameron Hales
DOP – Lachlin Milne
Music Composition – Rafael May

Fox Sports Australia
Director of Channels – Soames Treffry
General Manager Production & Development – Michael Neill

AEAF Winner – Best ident

Adobe Live – Getting Started

Adobe Live: Getting Started

In this quick and playful show-open an artist’s imagination twists a dull pencil into a Falcon Heavy – ready for lift off, bound for the deep spaces of the mind.

Client: Adobe Live

Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney

Art Direction: Jay Quercia
Design: Jay Quercia, Sofie Lee

Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman, Tyler Morgan
2d Animation: CJ Cook, Chris Kelly, Tyler Morgan, Jon Riedell

CG Lead: Adam Floeck
Modeling: Garrett Pond, Chris Guyot
Rigging & 3d Animation: Adam Floeck
Surfacing & Lighting: Mikey Rogers
Compositing: Chris Kelly, CJ Cook
Music and Sound: CypherAudio

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – Hourglass Teaser

Created By

Creative Directors – Steve Viola, Michael Parks, Amie Nguyen, Synderela Peng
Executive Producer – Dara Barton
Associate Producer – Mel Reeck
Visual Effects Supervisor – Michael Viscione
Modeling / Animation – Jamie Sawyer
VFX Artists – Michael Viscione, Jean Chiu, Ryan Coster
Pre-Visualization – Kay Park
Compositing – Jason Heinze, Ryan Hunnewell, Alex Yoon, John Kim, Michael Parks
Editorial – Michael Parks
Color – Steve Viola, Austin Wallender
Motion Design – Myung Yu, Julio Ferrario


+ PSIAF 2018 Official Selection +
+ Autodesk The Rookies 2018 finalist for this years ‘Film of the Year – VFX Category’ +
+ Autodesk The Rookies Award Draft Selection +
+ SVA Premiere 2018 Hollywood Screening Selection +
+ SVA Outstanding Achievement Award +
+ SVA Tech Staff Choice Award +

A full CGI film produced at the School of Visual Arts, class of 2018.

Sang Hyoun Han (a.k.a DOMCAKE)

Excessive competition between countries has created a perfect artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has excellent learning ability, but they have no imagination ability. Therefore, A.I. plans to steal the human’s as imagination makes everything possible. But at the same time, A.I. concludes that it is a human error as the ability can limit people due to the over imaginative mind. It makes humans to be afraid of death and leads people to believe in God which becomes a religion. Thus, A.I. creates a new religion by combining the characteristics of all gods so that every single human being can worship. All that faith has become energy sources that gives a power to A.I. to absorb the imagination ability from humans. Finally, artificial intelligence becomes perfect. In the end, the excessive desire of man toward information and technology causes the destruction of a mankind.


Visual & Music all done by DOMCAKE

Around the world with Flightio

“Around the world with Flightio
The First time that we watched an animation in isometric graphic style, we fell in love with that. All of us in June11Studio.
Unfortunately, we cannot remember what that video was.
However, we just tried to do something like that, Creating a motion graphic in isometric camera mode.
Let us speak first about isometric projection!
Isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions in technical and engineering drawings.
The term “isometric” comes from the Greek for “equal measure”, reflecting that the scale along each axis of the projection is the same. An isometric view of an object can be obtained by choosing the viewing direction such that the angles between the projections of the x, y, and z axes are all the same, or 120°.
In this commercial video that is made for advertise Flightio co (hotels and flight online booking) we have tried to design a perfect story based on our favorite graphic style.
All of the scenes are created In Autodesk 3dsmax. many thanks to the Vray renderer the great, all of them were rendered in 130 hours by three computer.
Look developing of this video was an educational big challenge for our team that we passed it successfully.
Finally, we are so happy for finishing this lovely project in 35 days. Moreover, our client are very happy because they have a promotional video like this.
We hope the best for all the people who work in CG arts industries.”

August 1, 2018

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