Maxmat – A Fábrica dos Preços Imbatíveis

Maxmat trusted us to produce and direct a brand new spot: “A Fábrica dos Preços Imbatíveis”. How on earth can Maxmat deliver such low prices? A massive, highly detailed 3D world with a beautiful factory of items and prices, just behind the shelves! Enjoy the ride as we follow Max and Mat in another dynamic 3D animation!

Full Credits:
Client: Maxmat
Agency: Lola Normajean
Executive Producer: João Marcos Marchante
Production Director: Liliana Ramires
Account: Ana Fino
Project Management: Ana Fino, Guilherme Afonso
Directors: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
DOP: Duarte Domingos
Edit: Guilherme Afonso
Concepts/Storyboard: Diogo Rodrigues, Wanchana Intrasombat
2D animation: Afonso Amaro, Guilherme Afonso
Modeling: Afonso Amaro, Diogo Rodrigues, João Jacinto, João Sousa
Rigging: Antonio Coquito, Sebastião Lopes
Character Animation: Manel Bello, RiK GODDARD Animation, Sebastião Lopes, Teresa Cruz
Technical Animation: Afonso Amaro, João Jacinto, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Scene Assembly: Afonso Amaro, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Shading: Afonso Amaro, João Jacinto, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Lighting & Rendering: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Compositing: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Sound: Som de Lisboa

Money Supermarket | Money Calm Bull


Agency: Engine
CCO: Billy Faithfull
CD: Chris Ringsell
Creative team: Charlie Gee, Tian Murphy
Designers: Eric Chia, Abbi Chard
Producer: Leila Bartlam
Assistant producer: Victoria Doran

Production: Blink
Director: Nick Ball
Producer: Ewen Brown

VFX/post: Untold Studios

Edit: Stitch
Editor: Leo King @

Sound design: Jungle Sound Studios
Sound designer: Ben Leeves
Voiceover: Matt Berry

AYIA ‘Easy’

Label: Bedroom Community
Artist: aYia

Producer: All Expanded, Section80
Executive Producer: Artjail, Section80, Film Supply, Stink, Cabin, Division, Soft Citizen
Director: Salomon Ligthelm
Cinematographer: Shabier Kirchner
Executive Producer: Emi Stewart, Katie Lambert, Marco Orlando, Chris Dodds
Production Manager: Jon Melton
Producer: Luigi Rossi
Production Designer: Madison Hatch
Art Director: Steven Killian
Set Dresser: Kit Sheridan, Tommy Mitchell
Choreographer: Amy Gardner
Actor: Anders Gran
Actress: Yueyao Li
Dancer: Dale Ratcliff, Yiannis Logothetis, Jesse Kovarsky, Paul Zivkovich, Quaba Ernest, Leo Hishikawa

Purple ~ Evolution of Sleep

“The fine folk at Purple approached us with a clear brief; to visualise the feels you feel from their proprietary Purple Grid mattress and pillow tech. The resulting campaign was a series of ultra-tactile ‘no-stress tests’ to convey the products unique properties, and provide the viewer with a sense of comfort.”


Concept, design & direction:


Squarespace ~ Brrch

Client: Squarespace

Production: ManvsMachine
Director: ManvsMachine
Design: ManvsMachine
DOP: Kai Saul
Production Design: Olivia McManus
1st AD: Francesca Bravos
Styling: Rebecca Blazak
Grade: Aubrey Woodiwiss (Carbon)

Audio: Q Department

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