OFFF TLV Main Titles by FOREAL

“Take a chill pill? More like take an OFFF pill with these gorgeous OFFF Tel Aviv Main Titles 2018 by the one and only FOREAL.

We asked the talented Germany based motion design studio FOREAL to create the Main Titles of our second OFFF on Tour edition in Tel Aviv. A round of absolute fun and creativity, watch the whole video to celebrate it.”

Goodbye Design

“Goodbye Design was a passion project of summer 2018. The idea was born when I walked out of a museum a few months ago amazed by a product design exhibition from around ’50s. The geniality of minimal design mixed with used retro flavor and playful accent colors of everyday objects (mainly Braun) were the essentials for the concept of this short movie. Everything is driven by an excellent track from Dirty Art Club which was a perfect match with the rhythmical side of the concept. “Good(bye) Design ” is a reminder of how people slowly lose a relationship with true Good Design. Let’s look back at immortal design icons in this audiovisual experience! Enjoy 😉

Music: Dirty Art Club – Sincerely Yours, the D.A.C.”

Following “Nature’s Thread” for Mountain Men

Client: History Channel
Executive Creative Director, A+E Networks: Tim Nolan
Vice President, History Brand Creative: Matthew Neary
Creative Director: Brian Huffman
Director of Production: Kate Rosante
Senior Writer/Producer: Matthew Pratt-Hewitt

Agency: Roger
Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee
Director, Creative Director, Concept: Dane Macbeth
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Head of Production: Liz Catullo
Senior Producer: Anne Pendola
Associate Producer: Addie Stevenson
Designers: Braden Wheeler, Insoo Kim, Ming Wang, Tina Hung, Kevin Jan
Design Intern: Jieyi Lee
Modelers: Dan Valvo, Sivan Okcuglu, Joe Dela Torre
Hair/Fur: Pratik Virash

Animation: Lunar Animation
Animation Director, Pre-vis: James Rodgers
Technical Director, Character Setup: David Deacon
Lighting Director, Texture & Shading: James Sylvester
Character Animation: Guilherme Paiva, Maya Tanaka, Alex Angelis, Ricardo Jost Resende
Environment Animation: Juba Polati
3D Artist, Character Groom: Ihor Dmytrenko

Sound Design & Mix: Eflorem


Agency: Dentsu lab

Production: WOW
Director: Daihei Shibata
Producer: Yasuaki Matsui

Composer/piano: Rie Yuizumi
Sound designer/mix: Kosuke Anamizu
Sound director/music editor: Tokuro Oka
Narration: Kenichi Asai (Sexy Stones Records)

Toolkit: C4D rigid body dynamics

FORD – “Gears”

Client: Ford Motor Company

Agency: GTB Brasil
Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Strozenberg and Daniel Leitão
Copywriter: Thiago Lins
Art director: Fernando Lyra

Production: Zombie Studio
Director: Paulo Garcia
Director of Photography: Regis Fernandez
Executive Producer: Natália Gouvêa
Account Services: Fabricio Takahashi

Sound: A9 Audio


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