Adobe Live – Getting Started

Adobe Live: Getting Started

In this quick and playful show-open an artist’s imagination twists a dull pencil into a Falcon Heavy – ready for lift off, bound for the deep spaces of the mind.

Client: Adobe Live

Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Producer: Kaitlyn Mahoney

Art Direction: Jay Quercia
Design: Jay Quercia, Sofie Lee

Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman, Tyler Morgan
2d Animation: CJ Cook, Chris Kelly, Tyler Morgan, Jon Riedell

CG Lead: Adam Floeck
Modeling: Garrett Pond, Chris Guyot
Rigging & 3d Animation: Adam Floeck
Surfacing & Lighting: Mikey Rogers
Compositing: Chris Kelly, CJ Cook
Music and Sound: CypherAudio

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