Sky Sports, PGA Tour Golf – Title Sequence

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NUVO channel ident

NUVO is a design channel ident i created.
Done in Shenkar academy // tv ID Course // Fourth year.
Design and animation by me.

Music :
Sam Gellaitry
TWOS x Tours
Su Na

special thanks:
Elad Hoffman, Eran Stern, Itay Tevel, Matan Arbel.

Dubai Flow Motion

An extended version of the airport baggage scene, from plane arrival to luggage cart in 4K here:

And also the creek scene in full, the original of this is 13500px (13.5K) across however in 4k here:

Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky

Rob Whitworth


Fifteen isn’t just an odd number, nor a year, nor a bunch of candles we’re blowing this May. Fifteen is this gigantic era of your life, your first acne, your first lover, your first turn on, your first rebel experience.

Atelier school is giving you the slightest idea of our 15th Anniversary in this master teaser. So, will you join the rebelliousness when we turn 15 this May?

A Teaser by Atelier / Masmachos
Directed by: Laura Sans
Produced by: Aimée Duchamp & Héctor Ayuso
Music: Rodrigo Silverio Do Carmo
Sound Design: Simon Smith & Eric Nagel BCN_Sound
Assistant Director: Marta Marinho & Ero Pagla
First Assistant Camera: Guillermo Flores, Fran Uribe
Second Assistant Camera: Pablo García
Gaffer: Dani de Juan
Compositing & Animation: Joao Lucas & Fran Uribe
Art Direction: Blanca Zaragoza, Ero Pagla
Producer Assistant: Silvia Valls
Characters: Gaudi Vall, Pau Solà, Alba Delgado, Dunna Petit & Pablo Uribe
Atelier’s Director: Aimée Duchamp
Atelier’s Art Directors: Enric Isern & Joao Lucas
“Masmachos” are students of Atelier 2014/2015: Bhavin Mistry, Maria López, Pablo García, Blanca Zaragoza, Matt Nichol, Sílvia Valls, Guillermo Flores, Ero Pagla, Fran Uribe, Marta Marinho & Luis Piñeiro.

FREEDOM | | | |

In many countries, violence is used to impose ideals, religions or politics over the freedoms of individuals.
This is a no-profit project, it seeks to assert that violence should not ever be imposed on the rights and education of people.
Freedom is our most valuable asset and is our best weapon.

Director, Concept, Animation & Design
Music Company : Echolab
Score : Tobias Norberg
Sound Design : Gavin Little

FITC Tokyo 2015 Titles

Director: Ash Thorp
Producer: Andrew Hawryluk
Art Director: Michael Rigley
Type Designer: Nicolas Girard
Designers: Ash Thorp, Michael Rigley, Nicolas Girard
Type Animators: Nicolas Girard, Alasdair Willson
Animators: Michael Rigley, Chris Bjerre, Andrew Hawryluk
Computational Artist: Albert Omoss
Process Reel Editor: Franck Deron
Composer: Pilotpriest


Ash Thorp:
Andrew Hawryluk:
Michael Rigley:
Nicolas Girard:
Alasdair Willson:
Chris Bjerre:
Albert Omoss:
Franck Deron:


“Singularités is a personal motion design piece. I wanted to create a strange room who gravity is not played as we know. Firstly I design this animation to introduce my new reel, but I decided to make another version, more longer. See my reel here
All was done in Cinema 4D with many hair dynamics. After Effects for CC and last adjustments. Hope you like it.

visit :

Sound Design by Gabriel Bouty.”

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