Game of Thrones Season 4 Making Of

“Here is a behind the scenes look at how PIXOMONDO created the dragons for Game of Thrones Season 4.”



A search for higher meaning, dissatisfaction with the status quo and a sense that you’re the first person to feel this way. You’re not.

A semi-satirical coming of age story told by handmade wooden puppets.

The Making Of:

Planet Under Pressure

Directed and Designed by Moth Collective
Written by Global Canopy Programme
Sound Design: Joe Tate
Animation: Marcus Armitage, Joe Bichard, Daniel Chester, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Client: Global Canopy Programme

Playgrounds Festival: 2014 Title Sequence

Mill+ Directors Bif, made up of Fabrice Le Nezet and Jules Janaud, recreated the spirit of this year’s Playgrounds International and Digital Arts Festival title sequence. The directing duo created the concept of a ‘digital playground’, transforming environments made from scratch into elegant and warped landscapes.
Find out more about the project and meet the directors:

The Man in the High Castle

Elastic created this main title sequence for Scott Free’s new adaption of Philip K Dick’s classic novel, debuting this year on Amazon Prime.

Elastic for Scott Free Productions

Director Patrick Clair
Producer Jamie McBriety

Lead Animator & Compositor  Raoul Marks
Design   Paul Kim
Kevin Heo
Sam Cividanis
CG Modeler Jose Limon

Executive Producer Jennifer Sofio Hall

Touchable Memories

“Touchable Memories is a social experiment where we gave technology an innovative application, testing it in an unexplored field and achieving incredible results, making people aware of the endless possibilities of using technology to make our lives better.”

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