Russian Odyssey – Winter Olympics ‘ Sochi 2014

Short movie made for Winter Olympics ‘ Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony.

Production company: Bonanza
Director: Dzhanik Fayziev
DP: Maxim Osadchiy

Visual Effects by Main Road Post

© Copyright 2014 International Olympic Comittee


MTV – Summer

Things hot up in this Summer spot for MTV Australia. Mirari designed an ident that fits the theme “MELT”, with surreal, art gallery styled, visuals that warp and melt before your very eyes.

Fox Comedy branding


Done by 2veinte
Creative Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Production Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Animation Director: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Lead Design: Pablo Gostanian, Augusto Gabrys, Alex Gostanian
Design: Alex Gostanian, Santiago Medina, Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo
3D Design and light: Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo
Lead Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Lionel Skliar
Animation: Augusto Gabrys, Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo, Facundo Quiroga, Santiago Medina
Hands shooting: Santiago Medina
Hand Male Model: Diego Flores Diapolo
Production: Geraldine Chaia Arazi
Music and SFX:
Reel Music: Not for commercial purpose


Client: Fox International Channels
Florencia Picco: VP Branding & Creative Fox International Channels
Mariano Barreiro: Branding Director Fox International Channels

Marco Polo Title Sequence

Mill+ co-director Ben Smith and co-director Bryce Wymer teamed up with Netflix to create the stunning title sequence for Marco Polo, a new original series for Netflix, written by John Fusco and produced by The Weinstein Group. Find out more:
Music composed by Daniele Luppi
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Tourist, Illuminate — Official Music Video (2014)

In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn’t exist yet, he’s left confused. What could this mean?

Graphic aesthetic influenced by video games X (Gameboy) and Super World Runner (NES).

Production Company: Nexus
Direction and Design: Nicolas Ménard
Executive Producer: Luke Youngman
Producer: Beccy McCray
Production Co-ordinator: Natalie Henry
Editing: Nicolas Ménard

Animation Crew:
Nicolas Ménard
Anne-Louise Erambert
James Hatley
Isaac Holland

With thanks to:
Lara Lee, for translation

Track: Illuminate
Artist: Tourist feat. Years and Years
Label: Polydor
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake & Jacob Robinson

“Death to the Death Penalty” by – Digital District

Agency: TBWA Paris
Advertiser: Amnesty International France
Product: Death Penalty

Executive Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Rémi Noël
Copy Writer: Benoît Leroux
Art Director: Philippe Taroux
Agency Producer: Maxime Boiron
Account Supervisor: Anne Vincent
Account Manager: Anne-Laure Brunner

Director: Pleix
Production Company: Warm & Fuzzy
Executive Producers: Edward Grann, Jean Ozannat
Editor: Pleix

Post Production: Digital District
Executive Producer: David Danesi
VFX Supervisor: Alexis Vieil
3D Lead/FX: Thomas Marqué
FX: Marc-Thomas Cavé , Florian Rihn, David Roubah
Rendering: Nicolas Belin
Composting: Philippe Aubry, Dan Elhadad, Jimmy Cavé, Guillaume Nadaud, Guillaume Martin

Music: Artist/Song Title: Carly Comando — Everyday

Imaginary Forces – A Crime to Remember Season 2 Promo

Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
Creative Director: Grant Lau
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Head of Production: Claudina Mercado
Producer: JJ Gerber
Designers: Joan Lau, Wes Yang
Design Intern: Jay Kim
Animator: Gary Herbert
Editors: Caleb Woods, Michael Radtke
Flame Artist: Rod Basham
Coordinator: Dominick Guglielmo

De Nos Mains – Opening Titles

Opening sequence for the documentary series “De Nos Mains”.
Aired on RTBF december 2014.

Concept, design & animation : REANIMATION (Boris Wilmot & Yann Deval)
A documentary series by Gaetan Saint-Remy & Sophie De Brabandere
Production : Thank You & Good Night – Sep Stigo Films

DOP : Olivier Verdoot
Camera Assistant : Arthur Anger
Music : Sébastien Monnoye (Old Joy) & Yann Deval (REANIMATION)
Mixing : Damien Rouchaud
Hands : Michel Villée Noémie Vincart
Yishaï Gassenbauer, Séraphin Wilmot, Dorothée Giangreco, Gaetan Saint-Remy, Louise Schmidt, Clara Scholl

Series directed by Gaetan Saint-Remy
Production manager : Geneviève De Bauw

Collective // Motion Graphics & Music
Boris Wilmot – Yann Deval – Thomas Fage – Stéphane Laplatte

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