Wayne the Stegosaurus: A Motionpoems Animated Short

The Mill artists adapted the children’s poem “Wayne the Stegosaurus” by Kenn Nesbitt into a delightful animated film for the 5th Season of Motionpoems, a non profit bringing poets and filmmakers together to create short films. Find out more about creating the film from the artists: tmbg.co/0377f
Co-Directors: Aran Quinn, Jeff Dates
3D Lead Aritsts: Rob Petrie, Jeff Dates
Producer: Jason Bartnett
EP: Danielle Amaral



Nobody knows what we do… so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images.
Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn vimeo.com/sxfngrs
Sound Design – James Locke-Hart jameslockehart.com
Script – Paddy Bird insidetheedit.com


Ash thorp – Director / Producer / CG Artist
Anthony Scott Burns – CG Artist
Chris Ford – CG Artist
Colin Thomas – CG Artist
Filipe Carvalho – Art Director / Designer
Franck Deron – Editor
Furio Tedeschi – 3d lead / CG Artist
Gavriil Klimov – CG Artist
Hanno Hagedorn – CG Artist
Kevin Kwok – Web builder
Maciej Kuciara – CG Artist
Michal Misinski – CG Artist / Compositor
Milton Fernandes – CG Artist
Simon Jones – CG Artist – Simulation Artist
Vaughan Ling – CG Artist
Valentin Sorokin – CG Artist
Wedge & Lever – Poster Designer
Juice Studios
Adam Tunikowski – Additional Compositing Artist
Aleksandra Rafalksa – Animation
Jaroslaw Handrysik – Additional rendering artist
Kuba Pietrzak – Sound Design
Michal Misinski – Supervisior
Piotr Bialousz – Additional CG Artist
Tomasz Dyrdula – CG Artist
Tim Tadder – Photographer
Dahlia Snyder – Shoot Producer
Mark Peery – Tim Tadder Assistant
Taylor Abeel – Tim Tadder Assistant
Kevin Joelson – Behind the Scenes Photography
Rebecca Joelson – Behind the Scenes Photography
Natalie Bohlin – Hair and Makeup Artist
Christine “IDiivil” Adams – Talent
Fizah Rahim – Photographer
Rezaliando – Photographer
Our Family and Friends
Bahi JD – Advisor
Kaz Oomori – Cultural Design Consultant
Ryan Hawkins – Additional 3D modeling
Tomasz Dyrdula – CG Artist
Vitaly Bulgarov – 3D asset contributor

CCTV “INK” (Directors Cut)

watch the making-of here: vimeo.com/20410575
red dot award: communication design 2011 – best of the best
German Design Award 2012 – nominated
VDW Award 2010 – Best Animation
Spikes Asia 2010 – Gold for Best Use of Computer Graphics / Special Effects
Adfest 2010 – Silver for Best Visual Effects
New York Festivals 2010 – Television & Film Awards – Gold World Medal
Chinese Element International Creative Award 2010 – Grand Medal
China International Advertising “Great Wall” Festival 2010 – Silver Trophy
Longxi Awards 2010 – Bronze for Best Post Production
Promax | BDA Asia Award 2009 – Gold for Best Animation
Promax | BDA Asia Award 2009 – Gold for Best Out of House Station Image Promo
China Advertising Festival – Gold for Best Advertising of 2009
China Advertising Festival – Gold for Best Public Advertising of 2009
Shooting Award – Gold for Best Advertising of 2009
Shooting Award – Silver for Best Sound Design
Product: TV Commercial
Client: CCTV Bejing
Agency: MMIA Bejing
Production Company: weareflink / Troublemakers.tv
Director: weareflink
Creative Lead: Niko Tziopanos
Producer: Andreas Lampe, James Hagger
Art Direction: Alex Heyer, Martin Hess
CG Artists: Phillip von Preuschen, Alex Heyer, Niko Tziopanos
Additional CG: Timo Schaedel
Compositing: Martin Hess
Ink&Footage: Thore Bornemann, Felix Martens
Motion Capture: MoCapLab
Music & Sound Design: Supreme Music

Alpha TV Branding

Client: ALPHA TV
Production: NOMINT
Executive Producer: Aristotelis Michailidis
Director: Tony Zagoraios
Motion Designer: Tony Zagoraios
Design, Layout: Stavros kypraios
Art Direction:Tony Zagoraios/ Stavros Kypraios
Additional Animation: Michael Towers

“Living Moments” – NYC streets frozen in time

“Living Moments” examines everyday life in NYC, frozen in revolving time. 50 Lumia 1020s were aligned along an arc and set to capture photos simultaneously. Finding real people who were then asked about their day. The first time that a bullet time rig has been made to be 100% mobile. This piece was created in conjunction with Nokia Brand Labs.
Learn more about how it was created: nokia.ly/living-moments-bts
Directed by Paul Trillo paultrillo.com
Produced by Brian Streem afogproductions.com
Nokia Brand Labs – Costas Syrmos
App created by Jesus Aguilar
Technical Director – Nicholas Tong
Sound Design – Rich Bologna
Soundtrack: “Robots” by John Steven Morgan johnstevenmorgan.bandcamp.com

Semi-Permanent Sydney 2014 Titles

The Semi-Permanent Sydney Titles.
22-24 May 2014
Carriageworks, Sydney
A big thanks to the amazing work by Ben Radatz and Tim Fisher from MK12 and everyone ale who helped on the titles!
Created by MK12 (mk12.com)
Produced by Rabbit (rabbitcontent.com)
Live Action Direction (brendanbellomo.com)
Music by Mass by Virtual Boy (wearevirtualboy.com)

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