“Matrix” por Mário Augusto

“Matrix” por Mário Augusto
Client | Canal Hollywood
Product | Grande Cena
Agency | Moon Lisboa
Production | Até ao Fim do Mundo
Prod co. | Dreamia
Motion Graphics | João Vaz Oliveira / Luís Cardoso
3D | João Vaz Oliveira
Color correction/grading | João Vaz Oliveira / Carlos Carneiro
Production Date | Fev 2014
Airing | 2014 – Portugal


OFFF tour QC 2014

OFFF tour QC 2014
Graphics Generated by Joshua Davis / joshuadavis.com
Composited and Edited by Moment Factory / momentfactory.com/en
Music by Hamacide “3 piano tuners” Himuro Yoshiteru remix oilworks records / soundcloud.com/himuro-yoshiteru/out-now-hamacide-3-piano

Nike: Dare to Zlatan

Agency: Wieden and Kennedy
Producer: Michelle Brough
Creatives: Greg Kouts, Anthony Spencer
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Austen Humphries
Producer: Kelly Spacey
Editing Company: Work Post
Editor: Rachael Spann
Post-Production / VFX
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
VFX Producer: Serena Noorani, Duncan Gaman
Shoot Supervisor: Pete Hodsman, Georgina Ford
2D Lead Artists: Georgina Ford, Leonardo Costa
3D Lead Artists: Fabrice Le Nezet
2D Artists: Olivia O’Neil, Kirti Dave, Anne-Sofie Tholander, Hugo Guerra, Milo Paterson, Justin Gros Desir, Jeanette Eiternes
3D Artists: Michael Hanault, Quentin Sauvinet, Charlotte Akehurst, Finlay Pearston
Matte Painting: Ross Urien,Jiyoung Lee, Rosemary Eve
Motion Graphics: Henry Foreman, Ivo Sousa
Colourist: James Bamford
Digital Gif Team: Nils Kloth, James Zwaldo, Jan Sladecko, Paul Bloomfield, Cameron Smither

HASBRO Super Mashers Marvel

Agency: GREY NY
Production: Gravity NY |
Director/Creative Director: Harry Dorrington |
Executive producer: Bob Samuel |
Producers: Emily Davis |
Post-production/CG/compositing: DIGITALKRAFT |
Inhouse supervisor/producer: Ivan Pribicevic |
Nikola Vulovic |
Branko Brkovic |
Vladan Djuric
Djordje Ilic |
Marko Milasinovic |
Marko Milankovic |
Milorad Petkovic |
Predrag Sanader |
Djordje Nagulov |

Travel Is

Filmed across 12 countries over 14 months, we shot and edited this short film about what it means to travel for Intrepid Travel’s 25th Anniversary.
For more information visit: intrepidtravel.com
Created by: theperennialplate.com
Color and Graphics: squawkproductions.com
Music: spiritsoftheredcity.com
Quote adapted from Miriam Beard

Morebarn * Silver Screen


Silver Screen
By Morebarn
Written by Gary Waldman
Painted, Directed, & Animated by Julie Gratz
The Album artwork for “Made by Hand” and the video for “Silver Screen” were collaboration projects between KALEIDA and Gary Waldman that began at the beginning of 2013. Both pieces were truly “Made by Hand” in the spirit of the album, as all of the artwork and landscapes were hand-painted with oils, and the animation is hand-drawn frame by frame. 43 feet of painting, and 13,000 frames later, we’re proud to share this piece with you.
Gary Waldman: Vocals, acoustic guitars
Jeff Hill: Bass, acoustic guitar
Ethan Eubanks: Drums, acoustic guitar
Steve Schiltz: Electric guitar
Erik Deutsch: Pump organ
Lydia Berg-Hammond: Backing vocals
Victoria Reed: Backing vocals
Produced by Jeff Hill
Mixed by Jim Scott
Ivo Stoop: Animation
Fletcher Wolfe: Director of Photography & Color Correction
Erinn Clancy: Director of Photography
Brandon Polanco: Camera
Oliver Snure: Camera
Wendy Zhao: Post-Production
Dave Krugman: Post-Production

DETECTIVES – Opening Titles

Featured on Art of the title (artofthetitle.com/title/detectives/) with making-of and first drafts…
An Opening Sequence by REANIMATION
Yann Deval // Direction, shooting, compositing & sound design
Thomas Fage // Shooting & editing
Boris Wilmot // Motion-graphics design & animation
Stéphane Laplatte // Motion-graphics design & animation
Music by Puggy
Production : Delante TV

Collective // Motion Graphics & Music
Yann Deval – Boris Wilmot – Thomas Fage – Stéphane Laplatte

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